Leatherette Headphone Cushions

Using Your Earpiece Average Diameter, Determine Which Cushion will Fit Your Headphone


Based on Your Earpiece Average Diameter, Choose Your Matching Size From the List of Leatherette Headphone Cushions in the Left Column of this Page or Scroll Down to Choose the Appropriate Leatherette Headphone Cushion. For more info on how to determine which earpad or cushion to order, click here.

Side View of Standard Headphone Earpiece

  • Most leatherette cushions stretch around the outer edge of the face of the earpiece and the leatherette material goes inside a thin groove just behind the front of the earpiece (see above image for example)
  • Some headphones don't have a thin groove, so the cushion may wrap around the back of the earpiece
  • Your old headphone and headset cushions can begin to break down after a few years
  • Our replacement cushions will enable you to restore your favorite headphone back to like new again and the new cushions should last much longer than the ones that originally came with your headphone or headset
  • Don't use the size of the old cushion because our size ranges are all based on the earpiece diameter, not the cushion dimensions
  • It is best to remove the existing earpiece to measure the diameter of the front of your earpiece outer edge using one of the 3 methods below
  • Here are the three methods to determine your earpiece average diameter
    1. Round Earpieces - measure the distance across the earpiece, from edge to edge
    2. Oval Earpieces - measure the height and width, then add those values, and then divide by 2 to get the average diameter
    3. Most Accurate Method - use a thin string (using dental floss, shoe string or thin paper) and measure around the earpiece outer edge to get the circumference. Using the circumference, divide by 3.14 (pi) to determine the diameter.

Three Methods to Determine the Average Diameter of Your Earpiece

Click here to see examples of how to measure and install the cushions

Click Here to Watch a YouTube Video on How to Install the Leatherette Cushions.