Earbud Eartips

Earbud Eartips Made of Silicone Rubber for Most Earbuds

Earbud eartips are the standard size for most earphones and they will provide the best fit to hold the earbud earpiece in your ear.

FOR CONSUMERS: We offer earbud eartips in small quantities. There are bags of 6 eartips with 3 different sizes.

FOR BUSINESSES: We offer larger quantities of earbud-style eartips. This generally works out best for those who will be frequently changing the eartips on many different earphones that are shared among a large number of users. The bulk purchase of these eartips will generally work out best for facilities that use the earphones over and over on a repeated basis among many different users.

Many earphones use silicone rubber eartips on their earphones and earbuds. The silicone rubber material actually helps to conduct the sound to the inner walls of your ear as they block out background noise. Most people find that properly fitting earphones will also conduct better sound to their ears. Most people can relate to this little experiment: Try pressing the earphones into your ear as you play some music. You will usually find that the sound improves when pressing the earpiece into your ear. This is due mostly to the improved contact within your ear canal. That is why it is so important for users to have a properly fitted earphone in their ear. A properly fitted earphone will block out outside noise at the same time that it improves the overall sound quality.

Available in three different sizes and many different colors. You can colorize your earbuds for a custom look. Most importantly, you will be able to easily install these ear tips onto your own earphones. Ultimately they will improve the sound quality, help keep the earpiece firmly in your ear and ensure a comfortable fit. Better fitting earbuds will improve your overall comfort and deliver improved sound resulting from better sound transfer to the inner walls of your ear canal.

We offer these Silicone Rubber Replacement Eartips in Small and Large Quantities

  • Choose a bag containing a Pair of "Small", Medium and Large Size Eartips
  • The earbud style eartips are available in white, grey, black, blue and pink colors

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