Small Microphone Covers

Small Microphone Covers

Small Size Microphone Covers

  • Helps to prevent moisture laden sneezes, coughs and spittle from landing directly on microphone surfaces
  • The microphone covers are disposable and intended for single-use on shared headsets and handheld microphones
  • Made from bio-degradable materials and they are easily installed over a microphone and may be held in place using supplied rubber bands
  • The MICCVR small size microphone covers will fit microphones up to 0.75 (3/4) inches in diameter
  • The PILOT-MICCVR microphone covers will fit microphones up to 7/8-inches in diameter
  • The LGMICCVR microphone covers will fit microphones up to 1.25 (1 1/4) inches in diameter

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The MICCVR small microphone covers are commonly used on the following:

  • Call-center headset microphones
  • Restaurant wireless headset microphones
  • Small podium microphones
  • Microphone that are less than  0.75 (3/4) inches in diameter

The PILOT-MICCVR microphone covers will fit on the following headset microphones:

  • David Clark Pilot Headset microphones
  • Many other pilot headset microphones that are up to 7/8 inches in diameter
  • Helicopter pilot aviation headsets
  • Airline Pilot aviation headsets

The LGMICCVR large size microphone covers fit onto headset microphones up to 1.25 (1 1/4) inches in diameter. such as

  • Various desktop microphones
  • Many podium style microphones
  • Courtroom microphones for most US District Courthouses and Bankruptcy Court Microphones
  • Podium microphones

Our SS-4-100 (white) and SS-4B-100 (black) Medium Size Headphone Covers will fit onto hand-held microphones, such as:

  • Karaoke microphones up to 1 1/2 inches in Diameter
  • Entertainment size microphones up to 1.5 inches in Diameter

Our SS-2-100 Large Size White Headphone Covers and SS-2B-100 Large Size Black Headphone Covers can be used on very large microphones that have a windscreen on them or are up to 2.3 inches in size

The synthetic material is thin enough to allow sound to pass through without degrading the audio quality and it make the microphone much easier to keep clean from germs, bacteria, influenza and the coronavirus. It is recommended that when you remove the cover from the microphone that you handle the cover carefully and assume it is covered with germs. Afterwards you need to wash your hands thoroughly.