Reusable Fabric Headset Covers

Reusable Fabric Headset Covers Fit Aviation Headsets

Cotton Fabric Headset Covers are Machine Washable

Pilots love our FHCB cotton fabric headset covers. They stretch and are easily installed over the ear seals. The cotton helps to absorb perspiration and humidity to provide added comfort. After use, they can be washed and re-used multiple times.  They will also fit headsets and hearing protective ear muffs used by ground personnel.

Designed for Use on Aviation Headsets and Ear Defenders Used by Flight Crews and Ground Personnel

  • Machine washable fabric covers stretch to fit over aviation headsets
  • Used on David Clark Pilot Headsets
  • Used on Bose Pilot Headsets
  • Used by Airline Pilots
  • Used by Airplane Pilots
  • Used by Helicopter Pilots
  • Used by Aviation Ground Crew and Flight Crew
  • Used on Hearing Protective Ear Muffs and Ear Defenders
  • Keep your Ear Muffs, Headsets and Ear Defenders covered during daily use, to protect them from the elements while keeping them germ free
  • Keep hearing protection ear muffs from sticking to your ears due to perspiration and freezing temperatures