MXP Model Studio-Quality Earphones

MXP Headset Earphones with Studio-Quality Sound

We offer stereo (Dual-Ear) models as well as 1-BUD® (Single-Ear) models

  1. The MXP-S2 is a dual-ear headset earphone, providing exceptional stereo sound for music and smart phone communication
  2. The MXP-LM2 (left-ear) and MXP-RM2 (right-ear) models are similar in design using our patented 1-BUD technology to combine the left and right audio channels so all the audio is heard in a single earpiece
  3. The MXP-S is our Version 1 model, featuring exceptional stereo sound, round cord w/ braided nylon sheath, straight slim style plug and velvet carrying pouch. It is clearance priced, making it an exceptional value for those on a limited budget.

Version 2 (MXP-S2, MXP-LM2 and MXP-RM2) headset earphone features:

  • Rugged thin aluminum control unit houses a slide volume control, built-in microphone and push-button switch
  • Push-button switch enables users to start, pause and play music or to answer and make phone calls
  • Earphone comes with a flat-style, tangle-resistant cord, reinforced with Kevlar for added strength and flexibility
  • 3.5mm 4-conductor gold-plated 90-degree angled slim-design plug easily fits through all types of cell phone exterior cases
  • Earphone comes with a zippered carrying case and heavy-duty snap clip to protect and store your earphones
  • Comes with medium sized eartip on the earbud, and includes small and large eartips to fit any ear size
  • Apple iPhone compatible; Works with Motorola Droid Razer, HTC ThunderBolt, RIM Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy 5 and more
  • Works equally well with Apple iPod, most MP3 players, Apple iPad, most tablets, Apple iPhone and most cell phones