Frequently Asked Questions

We are Tax Exempt. How do we pay without being charged sales tax?

Scan Sound only charges sales tax on orders shipped to Florida addresses. If your order is going to be shipped to an address in Florida, and your purchase is Tax Exempt, then we recommend that you contact us with your tax exempt information. We will verify the tax exemption status and change your tax exempt status so that you won't be charged sales tax in the future. You will be able to log in to our web site at any time and place an order without worrying about having to pay the Florida Sales Tax. If your order is being shipped to an address outside the State of Florida, you will not be charged any sales tax.

If you placed an order online and were charged sales tax, please provide us with your order number and the tax exempt number. We will change your company status to tax exempt and issue a refund for whatever amount was paid that should have been tax exempt.

I am making a Purchase for a Tax Exempt Institution. How do I Avoid Paying Sales Tax?

If your order is going to be shipped to an address in Florida, and your purchase is Tax Exempt, then we recommend that you contact us with your tax exempt information. We will verify the tax exemption status and update your account to ensure that future shipments are tax exempt.

What is the best way to place an order?

We would prefer for customers to place their order online whenever possible. It can sometimes be hard to clearly understand names, streets and email addresses when they are spoken over the phone, Online orders tend tobe more accurate. Some individuals who may have computer issues or a slow Internet connection may find it is best to phone in their order.

Our friendly staff will always be happy to assist all customers with their order. Our phone system is set to take the calls between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time. Phone calls after hours will be routed to voice-mail, and allow you leave a message if we can't answer your phone call for some reason. We may be reached toll-free at 1-866-722-6763 or directly at (954) 425-0199. Purchase orders can be sent to Scan Sound by email (to or by fax (to 1-954-827-2408).

Customers can send us their order by mail through the US Postal Service. The company mailing address is 265 S. Federal Hwy, Unit 163, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. Orders sent to our company by mail require the exact amount to be made payable in US Funds by check or money order. Customers who mail in an order should allow additional time for their order to be processed and shipped.

International Orders should be paid in advance by credit card. When making International payment by credit card, we suggest that International customers select PayPal, then use the Credit Card payment method that is offered by PayPal. As an alternative, some International customers may wish to pay using a Bank Wire transfer. We have found a company known as Transfer Wise (view online at ) provides excellent bank wire transfer services. Many of our customers have used that company and they seem to be a reputable banking company.

International orders require an advanced payment before the order can be shipment. If you pay by PayPal, the payments usually go through very quickly. Bank Wire payments usually take at least 24-hours to process, depending on your bank. All orders are marked as paid right after we have received the payment confirmation details of the order payment and this will usually change the order status to "Processing" and then trigger a receipt to be sent by email. Most orders ship in 1-2 business days. Be sure to mark your payment to be made in US Dollars so that you can limit the costs associated with bank exchange rates.

What payment options are available for consumers?

Consumers May Purchase Using A Credit Card
Most consumers pay for their orders securely online using a credit card. We gladly accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. A receipt is sent automatically by email after the order has been placed. An email will follow with the order tracking information, once the order has been shipped.

Customers outside the United States Who want to Pay with a Credit Card
PayPal will accept credit card payments and sometimes they do a better job of handling the international payments. PayPal can verify the authenticity of the credit cards in many foreign countries. You do not need to have a PayPal account because PayPal will allow you to check out with a "Guest Account". PayPal can alsofacilitate the payment in many different languages and currencies to pave the way for International customers to receive the best payment method.

Customers May Pay with Amazon or PayPal buttons posted on our web site
Customers can conveniently pay using their own Amazon or PayPal account. This is convenient and it also is secure, bcause you will typically only be required to enter your usernamne and password and select the established payment method. As a result, you will not be required to enter your credit card information online. This keeps your credit card details secure and the checkout process in most ccases will be quick, easy and your account data is secure. The merchant never receives any of your card numbers or details so that protects the merchant from being accused of fraud. In most cases, your payment provider will also go to bat for you and ensure that you are satisfied with the ordered merchandise. In most cases they will also assist you by handling dispute resolution on your behalf.

Consumers May Send in a Check or Money Order
The online shopping cart system provides an option of payment by Check or Money Order. Although this is seldom used, it is an option for those who can not pay by credit card. All payments of this type will be slow to process because it takes time for the payment to arrive in the mail and additional time for the funds to clear before the order can be mailed. Payments can be mailed to the following address along with a printed copy of the order:

Scan Sound, Inc.
PO Box 669
Lee, MA 01238-0669

Another Payment Option involves wiring the funds by Bank Wire Transfer
Feel free to request the bank wire payment details if you want to send the funds directly from your bank account to Scan Sound, Inc. We will send you the bank wire instructions along with a copy of your order invoice. This process can usually take several days because we must wait for the funds to clear our account before the merchandise can be shipped. Most banks will charge a service fee for sending a bank wire payment, and that can cost anywhere from $12 to $25 depending on the bank you use for making the wire payment.

NOTE: Make it clear to your bank or the institution handling the wire transfer that all service fees are to be paid out of your sending account. If the funds are taken out of the received funds, your payment will be short by the amount of the service fees. Unfortunately, this does happen and it can delay or prevent shipment while waiting for the issue to be corrected.

What payment options are available for businesses?

Credit Card Payment for Businesses, Schools and Government
Many businesses, schools and government agencies will use a company credit card or Governent P-Card. Credit card purchases can be made through the web site. A receipt is sent automatically by email after each order has been placed. Orders are typically shipped in 1-2 business days and an email is automatically sent with the order tracking information. Orders can be expedited and shipped out the same day if requested, providing that the order is received before 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

Net-30 Terms for Businesses that Use Purchase Orders
Some businesses may prefer to set up an account, allowing them to be billed for their order on Net-30 terms. Scan Sound requires completion of a customer account application form that will enable you to set up an account. Once the account has been approved, the company may place their order online and include their purchase order number using the online form. A copy of the associated purchase order can be sent in by email or by fax. All orders shipped to destinations outside of the United States must be paid in advance of the order shipment. In order to accept an order, Scan Sound will require the following billing and shipping information:

Contact Name
Business Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone Number

The Scan Sound ordering system uses the customer email address as the account number, so it is vital that the email address be provided. Further details on the account set-up and payment are available online at the Corporate Orders Web Page.

International customers must pay for their ordered items in advance of the order shipment. Most orders are usually paid online by credit card. Our cart allows the orders to be paid through PayPal as well, and sometimes this is the best option for International customers. PayPal seems to have a better track record with handling the verification of credit card payments for International credit cards and bank cards. We can arrange to send a PayPal invoice if you would like to receive an invoice then pay right from your computer screen.

Customers may choose to Pay with Amazon, and this eliminates the need for customers to enter any private information or sensitive payment details on yet another eCommerce website.

Another option involves payment by Bank Wire Transfer. Please contact us for more information about making arrangements for this payment method.

Do you accept credit card purchases?

Credit Card Authentication
Scan Sound, Inc. uses a secure system to authenticate all credit card payments. The provided billing address must exactly match the address on the credit card billing statement in order for the payment to be accepted. If there is a problem being able to verify the authenticity of your credit card data, you may be asked to contact a Scan Sound representative for further assistance.

What Are Your Business Hours for Phone Calls?

Our phone system is set-up to receive phone calls on weekdays (Monday through Friday) between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Calls should be made to (954) 425-0199 or 1-866-722-6763. For information about any of our products, press 1. To place an order please press 2.

How Can We Obtain Pricing or a Written Quotation?

It is very easy for you to determine the costs on your own. You can use the shopping cart system and pretend to place an order to determine the total costs.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Select the quantity desired and add the items to the cart
  • Click on "Go to Cart"
  • Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code, then click ESTIMATE
  • Choose a shipping method and then click "Update Total"
  • Review the total amount and print it out if you want a copy of the quote

Click here to see how easy it is to create a quote on your own.

If you need to have Scan Sound prepare a formal written quotation, be sure to provide us with your complete shipping and billing name, address and contact info as well as the products and quantities that you intend to order. Our contact info can be found on our Contact Us Page. We will be happy to verify the exact shipping costs.

Does Scan Sound Ship to International Destinations?

Scan Sound, Inc. takes orders from customers all over the world. Most packages going to International destinations are sent by Mail through the US Postal Service. Federal Express service is also available to most International locations.

When viewing the products online, you can easily estimate the cost for buying our products before they are shipped to the many countries that we serve.

Just select the items that are desired.

Place them in your online shopping cart by clicking on the orange "Add to Cart" button.

View the contents of the shopping cart and it will show you a list of countries in the drop-down menu.

After selecting your Country and State (if appropriate), enter your postal code.

Click on the blue "Estimate Shipping" button.

The shopping cart system will review all the possible shipping options and show the typical cost to ship to most places. You can make your buying decision later on if you are not yet ready to actually place your order. This will just help you to see how much it will cost to ship to your part of the world. Please keep in mind that all International orders will not be shipped until the order has been paid.

My Order Shows that it is Pending - What Can I Do to Pay for the Order?

If your order shows that it has a "Pending" status, that means you placed an order but the payment never went through. Here are some options that may help:

  1. Refresh your browser. Then place a new order by going through the whole process all over again. In most cases, this will overcome the problem so your order can go through. Choose the payment option that works best in the paragraphs below.

    International customers will often find that it is best to choose "PayPal" as the payment method. Then once directed to PayPal, you can choose credit card as the payment method. PayPal has a much better system for authenticating credit cards from outside North America. You do not need to be a PayPal member in order to use the PayPal credit card payment option.

    If you will be paying with a credit card from within the United States, it is probably best to select "Credit Card" as your payment method.
  2. We can send you an electronic invoice so that you can easily pay for an existing order. This is a secure method and here is how it works: We prepare an invoice that is sent to you by Email. After you receive the Email, you click on a button indicating that you want to make the payment. You will be asked first if you are a PayPal registered user. If you ARE a PayPal registered user, then the payment is simply charged to your PayPal account. If you ARE NOT a registered user, you will be given several options for making payment. Most customers will choose to pay using a credit card or bank card. You are taken to a secure encrypted page that begins with https:// and displays a padlock in your browser so you know it is secure. After entering in the payment details, it will authenticate the credit card and arrange for payment in your own native currency and language (based on the country where you are located). After the payment has been completed, it will send us notification that your payment was received and we can process your order. You will have a receipt so you know the payment went through. Keep in mind that PayPal membership is NOT required when using the PayPal payment options. PayPal seems to be much better at authenticating credit cards for card holders in Europe and other International locations. Their system is very easy to use, reliable and quite secure. If you want us to send you a PayPal invoice for an order that you placed online, please contact us with your order number and ask that we send you a PayPal invoice.

Is your web site secure?

Customer security and privacy is one of our highest priorities. Therefore, all data entered through our web site occurs using secure encrypted server technology as evidenced by the https:// URL prefix and padlock symbol on your browser on all pages which accept customer and payment information.

All orders placed online via credit card are actually being ordered through a secure system (external to the Scan Sound web servers) so your credit card information can never be accessed by anyone, including our company staff. We have adopted the most secure Visa security requirements to assure your total protection and privacy.

What is your company Privacy Policy?

We are committed to protecting your privacy. All information provided to Scan Sound, Inc. will only be used in the ordinary process of handling orders and responding to customer requests. The information you enter is held in strict confidence and will never be sold, traded, or rented to any other companies or individuals. By placing an order, all customers indicate that they understand and will adhere to the terms and conditions of this web site. For a full copy of the entire privacy policy please go to our Privacy Policy Page.

Can I pay for my order via Credit Card or Paypal?

Yes, you may securely order Scan Sound products online and pay via credit card and/or PayPal. All information provided is encrypted for your protection, and Scan Sound has a stringent privacy policy, which states that we will only use your contact information in order to fill your order and ensure proper delivery to you. You may call us at (954) 425-0199 if there are any questions regarding your payment. Purchase Orders and Requisitions may be faxed to Scan Sound, Inc. at (954) 827-2408.

What is the best way to pay when ordering from outside the United States?

We recommend that customers outside of the United States choose the PayPal Payment Method checkbox. PayPal also will accept several forms of payment, including credit cards. You do not need to have an existing PayPal account. You can pay by credit card as a "Guest". So instead of selecting the button for Credit Card (Secure Card Processing) we recommend that you choose PayPal for International Orders. PayPal is much better at accepting transactions outside the United States, and you can pay in your own language and currency.

Businesses outside of the U.S.A. will sometimes want to pay by bank wire payment. This can be arranged, however we will first need to know what items are being ordered, where they will be shipped. After we determine the product pricing and various shipping options, we will usually send out an invoice along with the bank wire instructions. It will generally will take a few days for funds to transfer and be deposited before the orders can be shipped. Most banks and payment facilitators will charge you $12 to $25 in wire transfer service fees. PayPal is much faster and has no service fees, so we generally try to recommend using PayPal. If you want to arrange a bank wire payment, please access the contact us page and send us all your order details, shipment address and contact information and indicate that you want to use the bank wire transfer payment method.

Does Scan Sound accept Government Purchasing Cards?

Most government purchasing cards are very similar to Credit Cards and may be accepted online through our website. All online credit card and purchasing card purchases will be processed securely through our 3rd-party processor, We will not actually know your card number and for your protection, the data will never be stored on our server. If you need us to re-bill the card, we can find the prior transaction and re-bill the same card, provided it is still active, without ever knowing the actual card information.

Does your company accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, Scan Sound, Inc. accepts Purchase Orders from schools, universities, medical facilities and government agencies on a regular basis. Full details on the acceptance of purchase orders may be found by going to Corporate Orders Page to review the purchase order information section. Alternatively, you can complete a Customer Account Application Form) then send it to our company for an approval. You can find our email address and fax number here.

Your purchase order should contain the shipping and billing contact information, including email addresses for the persons responsible for ordering and payment. This will enable us to email your order confirmation, shipment tracking information and associated invoice. If you do not have a formal Purchase Order, you can supply your order on company letterhead. Telephone verification of your order will take place prior to any shipment. Scan Sound. Scan Sound reserves the right to refuse any purchase orders. Please go to our Corporate Orders page for more information on Purchase Orders.

Can I obtain a Taxpayer Identification Form W-9 from Scan Sound, Inc.?

This PDF version of the W-9 form can be easily downloaded right to your computer by clicking on the W-9 form link.

How can I estimate the shipping charges before ordering?

You can easily determine the shipping charges right from the Scan Sound web site, completely on your own.Here are the steps involved:

  • Select the quantity desired and add the items to the cart
  • Click on "Go to Cart"
  • Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code, then click ESTIMATE
  • Choose a shipping method and then click "Update Total"
  • Review the total amount and print it out if you want a copy of the quote

Click here to see how easy it is to create a quote on your own.

Please note that all orders will include the shipping postage or freight costs that are calculated by the US Postal Service or Federal Express. It will also include a handling surcharge that ranges in price between $3.00 to $3.50 to cover the costs to pick, pack and box-up the items for shipment. The fulfillment company will pull the item(s) from the correct bin, package the item(s) for safe shipment, apply appropriate labeling, provide usable tracking information and facilitate the package pick-up.

Are you able to ship to International destinations?

Scan Sound, Inc. ships daily to destinations all over the world. Shipments to Australia via First-Class International mail are delivered surprisingly within a very short period of time. Many customers will provide feedback to let us know when their packages are delivered and we will post this information to help customers to get some idea of how long it will take for packages to arrive (see section below).

The US Postal Service only offers real-time package tracking for Express Mail shipments. If you need detailed package tracking for a shipment going to an International address, we suggest using the US Postal Service Express Mail services or Federal Express shipping.

NOTE: After Covid-19, the US Postal Service began collecting First Class International Mail and Priority International Mail into postal shipping bins at postal hubs nearby the airport where they are housed prior to shipment to the destination country. All the mail will then undergo a customs inspection after it reaches the destination country. hand-off to the local postal office. The local post office will then arrange for the packages to be delivered. During the time that the packages are being housed in the bin for International flights, no tracking information will be diseminated. After the packages have been handed off to the local post office, you should be able to receive updated tracking information just prior to the package being delivered.

How long will it take to receive the ordered items?

Orders are generally shipped one business day after the order is placed. The following guide shows the number of business days for delivery:

- First-Class Mail - 3 to 4 business days in the USA - TNS*

- Priority Mail - 2 to 3 days in the USA - TNS*

- Express Mail - 1 business day in the USA - TWS*

- First-Class International Mail - Typically takes 7 to 14 days, delivered by the Post Office (actual delivery time depends on Country) - NTC*

- Priority Mail International - Typically takes 4 to 12 days, delivered by the Post Office (actual delivery time depends on Country) - NTC*

- FedEx Ground - Typically takes 1 Day in Florida, 2 Days to Georgia, 3 Days to Eastern US, 4 to 7 Days in Western States - TWS*

- FedEx Standard - Delivered one day after shipment in the afternoon - TWS*

- FedEx Priority Overnight - Delivered one day after shipment in the morning - TWS*

- FedEx Express Saver - Delivered 3 Days after shipment - TWS

- FedEx 2-day - Delivered 2 days after shipment - TWS

- FedEx First Overnight - Delivered one day after shipment at 8:00 AM - TWS*

*TNS means “Tracking No Signature”; TWS means “Tracking With Signature”; NTC means “No Tracking Capability”.

How long does it take for packages to arrive?

We are compiling some statistics to give customers an idea of the time it can take for packages to arrive in International locations.

Order 100012759 - Edgecliff, NSW, AUSTRALIA - Headphone Covers- First Class Int'l Mail Arrived in 22 day

Order 100013343 - Mount Waverly, VIC, AUSTRALIA - 80mm Earpads - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 6 days

Order 100013275 - Warrawong, NSW, AUSTRALIA - MXP-LM Earphone - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 14 days

Order 100013296 - Box Hill North, VIC, AUSTRALIA - HIL53 Ear Cushions- First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 13 days

Order 100013371 - Maidstone, VIC, AUSTRALIA - HM-1119 Windscreens - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 12 days

Order 100013297 - Mindarie, WA, AUSTRALIA - 80mm Foam Earpads - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 18 days

Order 100013370 - Anglesea, AUSTRALIA - Leatherette Cushions - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 11 days

Order 100013552 - Sydney, AUSTRALIA - Dictation Headphone Earpads - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 9 days

Order 100013470 - Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA - Foam Earpads - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 12 days

Order 100015283 - Hampton East, VIC, AUSTRALIA - 1BUDGC Earphone - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 14 days

Order 100016894 -Adliya, BAHRAIN - Leatherette Headset Cushions - First Class Mail - Arrived in 30 days

Order 100016385 - Darra, QLD, AUSTRALIA - Leatherette Cushions - First Int'l Mail - Arrived in 26 days

Order 100013427 - Mol, BELGIUM - 1-BUD-Gold Earphone - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 5 days

Order 100013048 - Edmonton, ALBERTA, CANADA - Earphones - First Class Mail - Arrived in 14 Days

Order 100012841 - Etobicoke, ONTARIO, CANADA - Headphone Covers - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 10 days

Order 100013187 - Toronto, ONTARIO, CANADA - MXP-LM Earphone - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 14 days

Order 100013326 - Brampton, ONTARIO, CANADA - 1-BUD Earphone - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 11 days

Order 100013245 - Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA - Foam Earpads - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 13 days

Order 100013544 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA - Leatherette Earpads - First Class Mail - Arrived in 6 days

Order 100011858 - Regina, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA - Earphone - First Class Mail - Arrived in 12 Days

Order 100013290 - Dieppe, New Brunswick- CANADA - 80mm Earpads - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 14 Days

Order 100013308 - Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA - Lg Blk Covers - First Class Manifest Arrived 14 Days

Order 100013319 - Shediac, New Brunswick, CANADA - Lg White Covers - First Class Manifest Arrived 16 Days

Order 100019769 - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA - Leatherette Cushions - First Class Int'l Mail Arrived in 8 Days

Order 100013093 - Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC - Skin Colored 1-BUD Earphone - First Class - Arrived in 11 Days

Order 100018177 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC - 10 Bags Headphone Covers - First Class - Arrived in 17 Days

Order 100013469 - Esbjerg, DENMARK - Microphone Windscreens - First Class Mail - Arrived in 5 days

Order 100013318 -Castel San Pietro Terme, ITALY - CRD-LRG Adapter - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 22 Days

Order 100013277 - Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA - Headphone Cushions - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 26 Days

Order 100013180 - NETHERLANDS - RBUD2 Earphone - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 11 Days

Order 100013256 - Eindhoven NETHERLANDS - 1-BUD-Gold - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 18 Days

Order 100013414 - Schiedam NETHERLANDS - Right-BUD Earphone - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 8 Days

Order 100013008 - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND - Microphone Windscreens - First Class Mail - Arrived in 13 Days

Order 100013101 - Masterton, NEW ZEALAND - 50mm Foam Earpads - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 12 Days

Order 100013044 - NEW ZEALAND - Earbud Size Foam Earpads - First Class Mail - Arrived in 21 Days

Order 100013201 - Langevaag, NORWAY - Right-BUD Earphone - First Class Int'l Mail Arrived in 5 Days

Order 100021820 - Ennis, IRELAND - Right-BUD-Gold Earphone - First Class Int' Mail Arrived in 24 Days

Order 100014750 - Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - Rubber Eartips - First Class Int'l Mail Arrived in 18 Days

Order 100013459 - Gothenburg, SWEDEN - Lg Black Headphone Covers - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 5 Days

Order 100022539 - Uppsala, SWEDEN - Earphones and Earpads - First Class Int'l Package - Arrived in 9 Days

Order 100022910 - Uppsala, SWEDEN - Earphones and Cable Clips - First Class Int'l Package - Arrived in 8 Days

Order 100013071 - SINGAPORE - Large Black Headphone Covers - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 18 Days

Order 100012810 - Valencia, SPAIN - Prism Glasses - Priority Mail International Mail - Arrived in 11 days

Order 100013197 - Madrid, SPAIN - 1-BUD Earphone - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 7 Days

Order 100013087 - Bury St Edmunds, SUFFOLK, UK - Earphone - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 7 days

Order 100014828 - Bury St Edmunds, SUFFOLK, UK - Earphone - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 13 days

Order 100013106 - London, UNITED KINGDOM - Headphone Covers - First Class Manifest - Arrived in 12 Days

Order 100013455 - London, UK - 2 Each MXP-LM Earphones - First Class Int'l Mail - Arrived in 11 Days

Order 100013522 - Richmond, Surrey, UK - Earphones - First Class Mail - Arrived in 5 Days

Order 100013605 - Skelemersdale, UK - Earphones - First Class Mail - Arrived in 4 Days

Order 100013430 - London, UK - Multiple Earphones - First Class Mail - Arrived in 10 Days

Order 100023137 - Woverhampton, West Midlands, UK - MXP-RM Earphone First Class Mail - Arrived in 8 Days

How can I track my order?

An email will be automatically sent to the customer's email address after the order has been shipped. At the bottom of the email form you will see the method of shipment and the associated tracking number. If you were not the person who placed the original order, it may be best to check with the person who placed the order. They can also log-into their account and their email is the account Username. All the order details and shipment status will be shown when logged into the web site. "Pending" means that the order is pending the payment. "Processing" means that the order is awaiting shipment and has not been shipped. "Complete" means that the order has been shipped and it should show the method of shipment and a tracking number. Customers who have logged-in can print a copy of the invoice, place another order and review prior orders.

FedEx Ground Shipment tracking numbers usually look like this: 1ZX1Y1234567891234

FedEx Express tracking numbers are typically 12 digits, such as 123456789012

International postal shipments will have a tracking number something like this LZ1234567US

US. Domestic mail shipments will have a 22 digit number that looks like this: 1234567890123456789012

Here are some handy links to help track packages:

FedEx Tracking: or use this link

US Postal Service Tracking: or use this link

International Postal Tracking through EMS or use this link

An easy way to track any package would be to enter the tracking number into the search box at, click the search button and then click on the tracking link. Google provides tracking links for most all types of shipments by most common shipping carriers. Google automatically determines the shipping company based on the number entered.

Here is a really nice site where they can automatically take the number and figure out the appropriate carrier, and then pin down the location of your package on a map. They will even notify you of the package status. Just go to

Do you have a distributor in my area?

Most orders are placed directly through Scan Sound, Inc. and shipped from a fulfillment company in Coconut Creek, Florida. We do not have active distributors with stores that carry our products, so we are the only distributor and most all the product that you see on our web site are our own items.

How long will it take before my order is shipped?

We fill most orders one business day after they are received.For example, items ordered on Friday are usually shipped the following Monday and orders taken on Monday are typically shipped on Tuesday. If you need something expedited or sent out the same day, please contact us via telephone to alert us to your needs. Most items shown on the web site are maintained in stock at all times at levels that are sufficient to fill orders of all sizes.

When a shipment takes place, an automated shipment notification goes out to the customer to let them know that the item has been shipped, and an expected delivery date is conveyed via email at that time. Your email address is only used for communication between you and Scan Sound. We never share any email addresses with marketing firms or outside companies; we hate spam just as much as you do!

MRI Stereo System Kits may take 5 to 10 business days to prepare for shipment, as the cables are custom cut to your specifications and all items are prepared with labels to ensure that the installation goes well. Each MRI Stereo Kit is assembled and bench-tested to ensure that the system will be in excellent condition when it is first installed and turned on. Our quality control personnel are generally able to catch any problem prior to shipment, so we hope you will be patient as your system is properly tested and inspected prior to shipment.

When will Federal Express Overnight Orders arrive?

Orders accepted on Monday are normally shipped on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. Orders accepted on Tuesday are normally shipped on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday. Orders accepted on Wednesday are normally shipped on Thursday for delivery on Friday. Orders accepted on Thursday are normally shipped on Friday for delivery on Monday. Orders accepted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are normally shipped on Monday, for delivery on Tuesday

Do you offer same day shipping?

If you place an order before noon (Eastern Time) you can call us at (954) 425-0199 or toll-free at 1-866-722-6763 and ask to pay an additional “Rush” charge of $6.00 for expediting same day shipping.

Why does it cost so much to ship to my location? Some companies offer free shipping...

We utilize a fulfillment company to manage all our products and shipping. They stock thousands of items in a very large warehouse for numerous different companies, including Scan Sound, Inc. When an order is placed, we supply them with the order details and they ship the package to the correct destination address, as provided when the order is placed. The fulfillment company charges a $3.00 flat fee for each shipment. The rest of the amount charged is exactly what it costs to have either the Post Office or FedEx complete the shipment. We do not intend to make any profit from shipping out the items ordered. Ideally, we only ask that you pay what it costs to actually deliver the items through the Post Office and Federal Express.

Can you bill the shipping charges to my own UPS or FedEx account number?

In most cases, if you provide us with your account number, can typically bill the shipping cost directly to your account. However you will still be responsible for paying Scan Sound, Inc. the $3.00 handling fee that is adding the shipping cost of each order. The handling fee covers the cost of packaging materials as well as the proper delivery of the package to the appropriate shipment carrier, and we only ask that you cover the fees that we are assessed for sending out your shipment.

Can I pick up my purchase at your store so that I won't have to pay for shipping?

All the products shown on our web site are actually stored at a fulfillment company warehouse in Coconut Creek, Florida. We do not have a physical store where the items can be picked up. If you need to make arrangements to pick up an item, you will only be charged a $3.00 fulfillment charge. This is the same fee that Scan Sound pays the fulfillment company to ship each package. All orders picked should be phoned in. Locally picked-up orders are subject to Florida Sales Tax, unless we receive the tax exemption number at the time the order is taken.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

All items sold online are stocked at our fulfillment company warehouse. Our web site will limit the sale of items if the quantity required is not in stock. Customers placing an order online can be assured that we stock what we sell.

How can I obtain a quotation?

You can easily obtain a quotation on your own. Here are the steps involved:

  • Select the quantity desired and add the items to the cart
  • Click on "Go to Cart"
  • Enter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code, then click ESTIMATE
  • Choose a shipping method and then click "Update Total"
  • Review the total amount and print it out if you want a copy of the quote

Click here to view the steps involved in creating a quote on your own.

If you would like Scan Sound to help determine the best shipping rate for the items going to your facility or you need a formal written quotation with your business name on the quote, semd us a request and be sure to include your full name, company name, shipping address and a list of items you want quoted. You can find our contact information on our Contact Us Page,

What is your return policy?

Providing that the item is re-sellable and is in its original packaging within 30-days of purchase, we can generally accept the item back and issue a refund for the item that was purchased. The key to our being able to refund the amount paid for the item is our being able to restock the item so that it may be sold. If the returned item is worn, missing items or not in new condition, it certainly can not be placed back into stock. The complete return policy may be found on our web site here.

Items being returned should be sent back to the following address:

Scan Sound, Inc. ℅ APS Fulfillment
3920 Pembroke Road
Hollywood, FL 33021-8127

Your Order Number will be used as an Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#). Place the RMA# on the outside of the package so that we can identify the reason why you are sending back your package and enable us to forward the replacement promptly. It would be best to include a brief note as to what we can do to assist you.

If my ordered item should fail, how do I go about getting a replacement?

If the item fails during the warranty period, you should contact a Scan Sound representative and we will ask that you mail the defective item back to our office address, as shown below:

Scan Sound, Inc.
165 Leisure Lee Road
Lee, MA 01238-0669

You will be asked to place your Order Number as an Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) on the package so that we can identify the reason why you are sending back your package and enable us to forward the replacement promptly. It would be best to include a brief note as to what we can do to assist you. If we receive a package with no note inside, we may not know that you are expecting a warranty replacement, so help us to understand what action needs to be taken to ensure your total satisfaction. For more information on returning items, please consult to the Return Policy page.

If an item fails and it is no longer under warranty, can I get it repaired or replaced?

Some items may be repaired or replaced outside the warranty. Please let us know how we can best assist you and follow the return instructions above. We will let you know if there will be any charges to repair/ship back the repaired item or replacement item.

Can you tell me the correct earpad size if I give you my headphone model number?

Due to the many thousands of different headphones, we can not know all the sizes for each, especially since the manufacturers frequently make new headphones and model numbers every few months. We receive customer feedback to tell us which earpads fit various headphones and you can check the list to see if your headphones are listed here. We would encourage you to provide us with details of the cushions that fit your make and model, so we can add this to our online headphone cushion database.

How can I determine which foam earpads are the right fit for my headphones?

The best way to determine if our Earpads will fit your present headphone is to take the existing foam cover off your headphone and measure the outer diameter of the earpiece. Please keep in mind that our circular earpads can easily fit oval headphones as well just by stretching the foam material. The most accurate method of determining the diameter is by using a thin string (such as dental floss, shoe string or thin paper) and measure around the outer part of the earpiece to get the circumference. Then divide the circumference number by 3.14 (pi) to determine the diameter.

We have a couple of very helpful guides that can assist you with determining the right size Foam Earpad or Leatherette Cushion for most headphones and headsets:

This Guide is very helpful and it will show you several different methods for measuring your headphones to determine which earpads or cushions are appropriate for your headphones. After you know the size needed you can see which Leatherette Cushion (on the left) or Foam Earpad (on the right) will fit your particular size earpiece.

Here is a PDF page that you can download and it will explain the whole process of measuring the earpieces to find the right fit for your headphone or headset.

Click here to see a YouTube video we created to show how to put the new leatherette cushion onto most headphones and headsets.

How can I determine which stretchable headphone covers will fit my headphones?

Here are the guidelines for determining the right size stretchable headphone covers will fit your headphones.

  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 1/2-inches or smaller in size (up to 6.3cm) - Order the SMALL SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 to 3 1/2-inches (5 to 9cm) - Order the MEDIUM SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 3 to 5-inches in size (7.6 to 12.7cm) - Order the LARGE SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is between 4 to 7-inches (10.2 to 17.8cm) - Order the EXTRA LARGE SIZE Headphone Covers

How do I convert inches to millimeters?

Here is a handy web page to help. You can enter in a value in inches and it accepts decimals or fractions.
If you enter 2 5/8 or 2.625 it will convert thatto show the result is 66.675 millimeters: Just go to the following URL:

You can also convert inches to Millimeters mathematically -> Divide the number of inches by 0.039370 (Example 3.5 inches ÷ 0.3937 = 88.9 mm)
To convert millimeters to inches by dividing the number of millimeters by 25.4 (Example 90 millimeters ÷ 25.4 = 3.54 inches)

Your headphone covers are sold as a bag of 100. Is that 100 pieces or pairs?

The headphone covers are sold in bags, with 100 pieces in each bag. This would be the equivalent to 50 pairs of the sanitary headphone covers.

What is the history of Scan Sound, Inc., and how long have you been in business?

Scan Sound, Inc. has been shipping MRI Patient Stereo System Kits since 1986. Our own Engineer, Barry Leeper, invented and built the very first stereo system designed for MRI patients, as he was trying to find a way to help patients overcome the claustrophobic effects of the MRI exam and improve patient throughput. Over the years, numerous quality improvements have been made. The company continues to support the original stereo systems, through upgrades, replacement parts, fresh headphones and eartips.

Scan Sound has maintained a wonderful relationship with all its customers over the years. Scan Sound is a family run business that is based in the United States, and we stand behind our products 100%. For more information on the history of Scan Sound, Inc, click here.

What is an MRI Patient Stereo Sound System?

The patient stereo system kits offered by Scan Sound, Inc. have been optimally designed to comfort patients during Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans. Patients can listen to clear, tranquil, stereo music and are thereby able to tune out the loud noises and potentially claustrophobia-inducing space of the MRI scanner. Our objective is to help MRI facilities comfort their patients while increasing patient throughput. Adding an MRI patient stereo typically improves any MRI facility's marketability by enabling it to increase its referral base, which pays for the system many times over.

How Does the MRI Patient Stereo System Work?

The patient wears a plastic headphone, which are lightweight and comfortable. They provides stereo music, which is sent into the shielded room electronically. The electrical impulses are converted to audio by using exceptionally high-quality audio drivers that deliver full-bodied high-quality STEREO sound from our own professionally engineered Patient Acoustic Interface. The two channels of audio deliver true symphonic stereo sound, which helps patients to overcome their feelings of Claustrophobia.

What are the key features of the MRI Patient Stereo Systems?

Unlike some other MRI music systems, Scan Sound audio delivers true stereo sound, to give patients a more 'spatial' feeling in the patient headphones. The stereo sound makes patients feel like they are surrounded by spacious sound because of the stereo channel differences they feel from the pneumatic headphones. Some patients have a difficult time tolerating the loud MRI noise and the closed-in feeling within the magnet. Those who listen to the stereo music usually have a more positive experience; This actually reduces the number of aborted scans at the same time that it increases patient referrals.

Very high quality sound reproduction is possible due to our Scan Sound, Inc. transducers. They convert the electronic sound into perfectly matched stereo audio that is acoustically driven into the headphones worn within the magnet bore. The headphones are completely inert, so they have absolutely no negative effects on the resulting scans. The stereo headphones have internally mounted sanitary/disposable foam eartips that are invisible to the scan and can be worn in head and body studies.

Speakers outside of the scan room provide the technologists with rich audio, and the level of sound heard by the technologist is completely independent from the sound levels being heard by the patient.

The system enables the operator to easily control the stereo sound levels to the patient. This unit is equipped with a microphone and audio level controls for convenient operation and total communication to the patient's headphones. When speaking into the microphone, the patient's music levels automatically duck down, so the patients can hear the technologist, and then the music automatically goes back up to normal levels after the Tech has finished speaking. That way the patient can easily hear the Technologist giving instructions or encouragement without being startled, and the music returns to its previous setting automatically.

Although Scan Sound stereos kits are sophisticated in design, the installation manuals have graphic instructions that simplify the installation. The stereo sound systems are sophisticated with a lot of features, and they simple and very easy to operate. Each modular component has been carefully chosen to provide reliable, high quality stereo music. You will take pride in this exceptional addition to your facility!

Will the Patient Stereo be compatible with our MRI System?

Most MRI systems have a similar type of connector panel that can be used for passing the stereo signals to electrically into the scan-room using 2 BNC connector spares. Two BNC connectors can be easily installed in the RF Penetration Panel if two spares do not exist on the RF Penetration Panel. The audio is a low-level signal flows through the BNC connector, and they don't usually introduce any noise or interference into to the scanrpp, when connected this way. Extra BNC connectors and RFI Filtered BNC connectors are available from Scan Sound if needed to connect the audio cables and filter out any type of noise. The RFI Filtered BNC Connectors are sometimes installed proactively, to prevent noise, and they are often recommended by the MRI service personnel. The electronic delivery of the audio to the patient acoustic interface, allows the optimum transfer of high quality sound to reach the patient headphones.

If your system is not equipped to enable the sound to be electrically coupled via direct wiring or the above described connector panel, the audio may be driven through plastic tubes that can be placed in waveguides going directly to the patient. It is recommended that you fill out a custom cabling Evaluation Form to assist with appropriate installation planning.

All systems are sold in kit form and come with well-written, fully illustrated installation manuals that help to simplify the installation and operation. Scan Sound, Inc. encourages someone locally to install the system so they can also provide assistance if necessary. Scan Sound has always offered to provide telephone technical support if required, however it has rarely received any requests for assistance, which says a lot about the manual and ease of installation.

Why does it make sense to install an MRI Patient Stereo System?

Patients often need comforting and reassurance in order to be placed in the bore of an MRI scanner for a lengthy period of time. Those patients who wear the stereo headphones tend to lay down in the scanner with less worry and concern, and they also tend to hold still for longer periods of time during the scan. Our sound system purchasers consider the image quality improvements from a motionless patient, time saved that is spent trying to convince the hesitant patient, and the reduction in aborted scans to be well worth the expense because it means capturing lost scan time and patient revenue.

Most MRI Scanners produce annoyingly loud knocking sounds. Although this noise cannot be drowned out completely, the music can be adjusted to a comfortable listening level thereby reducing the annoyance.

Many borderline claustrophobic patients are more likely to go through with the scan when listening to stereo music, because the stereo sound creates a feeling of spaciousness and truly helps to overcome their feelings of being closed-in. Patients are more likely to tolerate the scans without movement, resulting in better image quality. Less time will be spent trying to coax patients into going through with their scan. This all translates to a savings of time, and helps to easily pay for the stereo system within a very short period of time. In general, all patients will walk away from the scan with a pleasant attitude, which will surely get back to your referring physicians.

Make your patients feel comfortable while you insure that they go through with the scan... that's the bottom line!

Do you have a Stereo Kit for My MRI facility outside of North America?

We have Kits that have been designed for International Installations, called our MRI Patient Stereo Builder's Kit. These kits can easily be adapted to work with just about any Low-Level music source. If you have "Tape Out" or "Line Out" jacks on the back of your music source, you will find the Stereo Builder's Kit will work for you. The Stereo Builder’s Kit manual contains references to use with most audio sources, including a computer. If you want to use your own music source from a computer or satellite radio, for instance, the Model SBK would be well suited to meet your needs. The SBK will also operate on either 110-volt 60Hz or 220-Volt 50Hz power, so it is ideal for International use.

What are the MRI Patient Stereo Headphones Like?

The headphones selected by Scan Sound have been found to be the most comfortable type of plastic headphone commercially available. The plastic pneumatic stethoscope-style headphones can be easily worn in all coils and the sanitary disposable foam eartips comfortably fit right into the ear. They are comfortable to wear and the foam eartips can be easily changed between patients.

Alternatively, Scan Sound offers a Noise Reduction Headphone that cups the outer portion of the ear to help reduce the high levels of noise that are generated by the MRI scanner during the scanning sequences. The Noise Reduction Headphones have foam inside to help reduce the noise levels further, and eartips inside the headphone direct the audio directly to the patient's ears. Stretchable sanitary covers (available from Scan Sound) can be placed over these headphones to minimize the transfer of contagions from patient to patient.

A foam Pad-Headset is available as well, to position the sound emitting tubes adjacent to the patient ear. This allows the audio to be heard in tight restricted coils, and additional sponges or pads can be used to supplement the padding around the Pad-Headset to hold it in place.

What are the MRI Patient Stereo Listening Options?

Most patients will enjoy listening to an FM stereo station, which is easily selected for their preferences. Unlike other MRI audio systems, Scan Sound systems provide patients with true stereo sound, giving the patient a more immersive, 'spatial' feeling; true stereo sound plays a key role in helping MRI patients to overcome their claustrophobia. The varieties of choices between music selections are virtually unlimited with the AM/FM/CD Player features. Some patients will feel more comfortable listening to CDs or MP3 players that they have brought with them. An option is provided with our stereo systems that will enable an MP3 player, such as an iPod®, to be connected and played through the Scan Sound MRI Stereo System.

Who will install the MRI Patient Stereo System?

You will choose who you prefer to install your patient stereo. Each system is sold in kit form and comes with an illustrated, clearly written installation guide. Typically, the pictorial diagrams will be all you need to easily complete the stereo hook-up. Each manual is custom written for your facility, enabling most individuals with a technical understanding of MRI system operation and safety to easily complete the patient stereo sound system installation. There are a total of seven cables, and each cable is clearly labeled to show which ones run to the various system components, RF penetration panel and Patient Acoustic Interface.

If you would prefer to pay for an outside company to professionally install the system, we recommend that you contact a local home theater technician, or ask your MRI service engineer for his or her recommendations. Many of the MRI facilities have someone who handles technical issues who could likely install the system. Scan Sound will be happy to help locate a dealer or installer for your area. Most installers will provide you with a quote for the installation based on the cost of travel to your facility and the time involved to complete the work.

How long does the installation take?

An initial assessment of your facility and sound system positioning will have to be done first by filling out a Scan Sound "Installation Evaluation Form". This can be done by your MRI Site Engineer and/or by an individual familiar with MRI Systems and Stereo Hook-ups. Most system installations are completed within a 4-hour time period, depending upon the cabling requirements for each facility. A fully illustrated installation manual is provided along with pre-cut cables so that the job can be simplified.

What are the positioning requirements for the MRI Stereo?

A push-to-talk microphone is generally placed on or adjacent to the operator's console, and the Mini Hi-Fi stereo unit is set up nearby. The technologists will adjust the level of audio for the patient's preferences and talk to them over the microphone. Pushing down on a momentary talk button or lifting the microphone up off the table may activate the microphone. The Stereo System is a bookshelf-size sound system with standard size modular components which can be easily positioned on a counter-top, shelf or in a stereo cabinet.

Is the system easy to operate?

Your technologists will find the system to be both "User-Friendly" and "Patient-Friendly". The stereo will be their control center for setting the music level for comfortable patient listening and communications.

When the technologist speaks into the provided microphone, the technologist's voice is heard through the plastic headphones worn by the patient inside the MRI scanner. The technologist should hear the patient's reply via the MRI system's existing intercom system.

What are the MRI-compatible headphones like?

The headphones selected by Scan Sound have been found to be the most comfortable type of plastic headphone commercially available. Because they have sanitary disposable foam eartips that fit right into the ear, they are comfortable to wear and can be easily changed for optimal hygiene. The replacement eartips can be procured from Scan Sound. We also offer a Noise-Reduction MRI Headphone, which helps reduce the noise produced by the MRI Scanner and improves the overall music clarity.

What are the technologist's listening options?

The level of sound heard by the operators is totally independent of the sound heard by the patient. The MRI Technologist can turn the sound all the way off, or turn it up to whatever level they choose, and yet the patient just hears the pre-set comfortable audio level in their own headphones. Scan Sound's headphones will not interfere with MRI imaging, and the stethoscope style headphone easily fits within all coils. The Noise-Reduction Headphone may be too large for some head coils, but this depends upon the size of the patient's head and the various coils in use.

Will the stereo work in the shielded room in proximity to the high magnetic fields?

The Patient Audio Interface (or "PAI") has been professionally engineered to provide high quality audio even though it is located in close proximity to the high magnetic field. Most MRI magnets are shielded, to minimize any interaction to the PAI. It will be necessary to bring the electrical sound into the scan room from the outside. Each MRI system manufacturer has taken into account the necessity of bringing in signals from outside of the room using an electronic access panel called an RF Penetration Panel. Although the types of connectors may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most use BNC connectors, and if needed, a pair of BNC Connectors can be purchased when ordering the stereo system kit. If wiring into the scan room does not seem possible, long plastic tubing is another option of sending an audio signal into the scan room by way of the waveguide. A questionnaire will be filled out at the time you place your order to facilitate a successful installation.

What is the warranty on Patient Stereo Sound, and who will service the system?

Each element of the patient stereo system has been very carefully chosen so that you will receive a quality-engineered sound system that should provide years of trouble-free service and flawless sound reproduction. The AM/FM/CD-Players made by Bose® and Sangean are backed by their own one-year manufacturer's warranty. In most cases local service is available from the equipment manufacturer.

Scan Sound, Inc. offers a limited one-year warranty on the patient acoustic interface for 1-year, provided that proper care is taken to secure the box and ensure that the transducers are not overdriven. Scan Sound, Inc. will be happy to assist you with finding a local service facility in your area for any items that require service. Most replacement parts manufactured by Scan Sound, Inc. can be procured by contacting us.

Does Scan Sound offer parts for non-Scan-Sound MRI Stereo Systems?

Scan Sound continues to Provide Support and Parts for many different types of Patient Stereo Sound Systems as a service to MRI Facilities around the world. Scan Sound has sold many of its systems through major manufacturers of MRI Systems as optional equipment, and continues to provide parts, technical support, manuals and supplies to the OEM Manufacturers who have purchased our systems.

Do you have a thin pad type headphone for the Siemens 32 Channel Brain Coil?

Scan Sound offers the Pad Headset which is a sponge-type of headphone that directs the sound to the ears. It is fairly thin and will fit in most Head and Brain coils. For the Siemens table, you will need to order an adapter to go from the single tube on the patient table to the twin tubing of our Pad Headset. You will find the Pad Headset Here. You can find the Siemens acoustic headphone adapters are available Here.