MRI-Safe Pneumatic Pad Headset

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MRI-Safe Pneumatic Pad Headset Fits Into Head Coil • Part No. PAD-HS

  • This pad headset is a nylon covered foam sponge style pneumatic headphone for MRI scanners
  • This thin, fabric covered spongy pad easily fits between the head coil and the patient's ears
  • The pad headset provides a comfortable option for patients to listen to music within the head coil of an MRI scanner
  • Pad headset is compatible with most MRI audio systems that provide the music through two vinyl tubes
  • Fits into the narrow space of the MRI Head Coil so patients can listen to music during brain scans

Acoustic Headphone Inside Brain Coil for MRI Music Systems

CLICK HERE to view/download printable PAD-HS product literature

MRI-Safe Pneumatic Pad Headset Fits Inside Head Coil for Brain Scans • Part No. PAD-HS

The pad headset has a rip-stop nylon cover over two sponge foam pads, and each of these foam pads have a side opening that is made to rest against the head and direct audio into the ears. The pad headset is designed to connect to twin vinyl tubes that carry music from an MRI patient stereo sound system. There is very little space inside of most MRI head coils. That's because the head coil acts as an antenna to pick up the signals from the brain and must be close to the head to work well. As a result of the very tight space, a conventional style ear-muff style MRI headphone just won't fit inside a head coil, so the Pad Headset serves to deliver the sound right through the foam pads that rest against the ears. Additional sponge foam padding may be used to help position the pad headset if necessary.

  • Patients undergoing an MRI brain scan can listen to music from an MRI patient stereo
  • The pad headset is made from a nylon covered foam pad and it is one of the only headphones that can fit next to a patient's ears within an MRI head coil
  • The pad headset enables patients to hear music during their MRI scan and is compatible with the Scan Sound MRI patient stereo systems
  • The pad headset will also connect to many types of MRI scanners that have two vinyl tubes carrying the stereo audio
  • Our sanitary disposable headphone covers (Part No. SS-2-100) can be used to cover the Pad Headset
  • The Pad Headset has a 4ft length of twin tubing and a twin male plugs
  • The twin male plugs each have 1/4 inch outer diameter barbed modular plugs
  • The twin male plug prongs will fit into twin vinly tubes and the Scan Sound tubing has a 1/4 inch inside diameter and 3/8 inch outer diameter
  • These are compatible with NRH-ADP or NRH-SYM adapters as well as the viny tubing from the Scan Sound MRI patient stereo systems.
  • The pneumatic headphone is inert to the MRI scan and is completely non-ferrous

CLICK HERE to View/Download a PDF showing details of the Pad Headset tubing connection

Here is a printable page showing our patient stereo sound system kit details and product options

Audio Source
MRI Patient Stereo System
MRI Patient Stereo
Plug Type
Twin Modular Tubes 1/4 inch OD
MRI Compatible Headphone

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