Reversible-Lens Prism Glasses

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Reversible-Lens Prism Glasses to Reduce MRI Claustrophobia • Part No. PG-200

Many patients have no idea that they might be claustrophobic until they lie down and are pushed into the MRI magnet. This can be a traumatic experience for the patient and cause problems for the MRI techologist as well. The prism glasses can help to overcome the issue, and wind up making the experience more pleasant for all involved.

When wearing the prism glasses while lying on your back and looking upwards, you can see in the direction behind you. The prisms can be removed and then inverted, before being installed back into the spectacles frame, so that you can see towards your feet (as shown below)

View When Using Prism Glasses

  • Patients lying in an MRI scanner can see outside the scanner, and this can help overcome claustrophobia
  • MRI patients can view a video screen or mural outside the scanner when positioned inside the scanner head first or feet first
  • The prisms can be slid out of the frame, flipped over, and then slid back into the frame to change the viewing direction
  • The prism glasses are made completely from plastic materials and optical quality precision polished glass and have no metal parts so they will not cause any artifacts or distortion
  • The glasses are MRI safe and can be used in magnetic fields of all strengths
  • The exceptional optical quality prisms are great for conducting fMRI studies and these glasses can be used in all MRI coils
  • Our reversible prism glasses can easily be used in all MRI coils with all MRI scans
  • Patients can easily lie flat and view a TV without being elevated
  • Can be used for industrial work, and looking straight ahead allows you to see downward, so it will reduce neck strain
  • Can be worn by bicyclists to see road ahead while in head-down position
  • Mountain climbing instructors can reduce neck strain from not having to look up at climbers all day long
  • Ships with lens cleaning cloth and customized box
  • CE certified - meets requirements for European Conformity
  • Scan Sound, Inc. owns the exclusive patent rights to these MRIWear Deluxe Prism Glasses

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Many patients do not realize that they are claustrophobic until they lie down and are pushed into the MRI magnet. They'll usually scream, "Get me out of here" and suddenly you are stuck with a dilemma.

If you spend time trying to coax the patient into the scanner, you could waste time and back up your schedule, so all the patients will be affected, and your staff will have to compensate, or hope they have a cancellation down the line. By suggesting that the patient try putting on the prism glasses, they will find that the prism glasses will give the illusion of being less confined, and if they help get the patient through the scan. Of course, you could always abort the patient scan, and suggest that they come back after getting a prescription from their physician for something that will help to relax them. The prism glasses will pay for themselves very quickly if a patient finds that the prism glasses help reduce the claustrophobia and enable the patient to go through with the scan.

By offering a solution to the patient, you will get high marks from the referring physicians who will hear that you are helping their patients, by providing patient comfort. The prism glasses are not ordinary glasses with a prism. The MRIwear Deluxe Prism Glasses are specially made for MRI and are completely free of any ferrous material, making them totally transparent to the scan. The Original Prism Glasses have some non-ferrous material in the hinge, to enable the glasses to fold-up. Both styles of prism glasses are made from high quality frames with optically ground prism glass. Many patients purchase the prism glasses on their own, and take them with them when going for an MRI scan. This winds up being a great decision, and we often hear back from the MRI scanning facility that they want to order additional prism glasses for each of their MRI systems.

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All MRI Scanners
Non-ferrous frames, strap, cleaning cloth
Reduce claustrophobia

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