Internet Radio/CD Player MRI Stereo Sound System Kit

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Internet-Ready Radio MRI Patient Stereo Kit • Part No. IS-2002

This is an amazing MRI Patient Stereo System and it is powered by a Sangean Internet-Ready Radio, FM Radio, CD-Player, iPod Dock stereo system. Sangean is an innovative leader in the development of desktop size audio systems. This particular Sangean stereo was chosen due to the many options for playing crystal clear music from a variety of different music sources. The integration of internet radio stations and access to streaming music services makes it possible to choose from thousands of Internet radio stations, online musis streaming services or play music from the built-in CD-player, files stored on a Memory Card, loccal FM Radio stations or using MP3 music you have stored on an iPod. The AUX-IN jack will enable you to connect many different external sources of your chosing. You will have many options for providing music for your MRI patients, and all should deliver exceptional sound to relax your MRI patients and improve their MRI scanning experience 

  • Quite a lot of thought has been put into making this MRI Sound System Kit easy to install and operate. There are many different music options, including your choice of listening to thousands of Internet radio stations from all over the world, playing music from the CD Player, local FM stations or MP3 music from an iPod or a memory stick. The network ready radio can connect to a Wi-Fi router by simply setting up the username and password for the Internet router in your facility. Alternatively, you can connect to the Internet through an Ethernet RJ-45 connector cable.
  • You will never run out of sources of music to listen to music as your patients lie back and listen to pre-selected stations that can be stored for easy access
  • You can enjoy streaming music services including Pandora, Spotify and iTunes as well as radio stations from all over the world that play non-stop music from every genre
  • This MRI patient stereo sound system kit comes ready to install into any MRI facility and the kit comes with easy to follow installation instructions
  • If you want to install this MRI stereo into a mobile MRI trailer and you have Internet connectivity, you will never have to worry about being inside a shielded MRI trailer, because you will have crystal clear reception through the Internet radio
  • The Sangean stereo features a wooden cabinet with built-in speakers, delivering excellent sound for the patient and the MRI technologist
  • There is an FM receiver, CD player, Internet radio and a 30-pin iPod docking connector
  • Your patients will hear true stereo sound in the MRI headphones while the MRI Tech enjoys music from the built-in speakers that resonate from the wooden cabinet to produce high quality audio
  • The MRI technologist will have full control over the music selections and anytime they speak into the microphone, the music will duck down automatically so patients won't be startled when the technologist gives instructions or asks patients a question

IS-2002 Internet Ready MRI Patient Stereo Kit Features

  • Each of our MRI sound systems feature independent volume settings for the patient and the MRI Techs
  • The IS-2002 Sangean stereo features an An auxiliary Input going into the Sangean stereo can enable you to connect just about any external audio source that has a headphone jack
  • The Internet Radio is Network-Ready for access to more than 16,000 crystal clear Internet stations worldwide and can play music royalty free from streaming music services
  • The Sangean stereo can connect to the Internet using Wi-iFi connectivity or a wired connection by way of your an office network RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  • There are 10 station presets on FM and 99 station presets on Internet radio
  • The Wooden cabinet delivers excellent sound quality from the built-in speakers
  • Pandora is subscription free to Sangean stereo users and features unlimited streaming music
  • A Single-Slot CD Player allows you to play music from your collection of CD's or any compact digital disc brought in by a patient
  • The FM Radio can play local radio stations from the built-in antenna (Internet connectivity not required)
  • The Auxiliary input can play music from external audio devices, such as tablets,  MP3 players and any device with a headphone jack

Here's how the MRI stereo system works:

  • This system comes with a Sangean stereo that can connect to the Internet to stream music from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes or thousands of Internet radio stations
  • The wooden cabinet of the Sangean stereo delivers amazing sound from the built-in speakers
  • An Aux input will allow connection of external devices, such as an iPod, iPad or even an audio player brought in by the patient
  • The Sangean stereo system, stereo amplifier and microphone are situated nearby the Technologist
  • There are two cables that connect from the amplifier output, going to two BNC connectors on the RF penetration panel in the computer room
  • On the opposite side of that panel (inside the scan room) two coaxial cables go from those BNC connectors to the front of the magnet cover where they connect to an acrylic box, called the Patient Acoustic Interface (or "PAI")
  • The Patient Acoustic Interface is included with the sound system kit and it is mounted in the scan room on the floor near the front of the MRI magnet
  • Inside the PAI there are two special acoustic transducers that convert the audio to pneumatic sound, pushing the sound through twin vinyl tubes
  • The twin vinyl tubes carry the pneumatic audio to patient acoustic headphones, so the patient can hear true stereo sound
  • The acoustic headphones are made from plastic materials that are MRI safe and are invisible to the MRI scans
  • The patients wear the headphones while they are inside the MRI magnet for their scan
  • The Technologist selects the music and talks to the patient using the push-button microphone at the operator console
  • The volume and microphone levels are set on the amplifier to a level that is comfortable for the patient
  • As the Technologist speaks into the microphone, the music drops down and the patient can clearly hear the technologist in their headphones
  • The patient can respond verbally, and the patient will be heard through the MRI system's own built-in intercom
  • Most patients will quickly relax after putting on the headphones and this enables the Technologist to begin scanning without delay
  • Time is saved as the Technologist will not have to coax the patients into the scanner
  • Most patients quickly become relaxed by the music and patients will generally close their eyes and lie still for much longer periods
  • The music helps patients to pass the time and effectively cope with being inside the tight confining space of the MRI system

You will have a great time just using the built in features, however there are lots of optional choices that certainly will bring music to your patient's ears:

  • The auxiliary input will enable MRI facilities to add their own external sources, such as an iPod, iPad or iPhone
  • The Sangean stereo can connect to your facility Internet network using Wi-Fi or an RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  • You can tune into thousands of Internet radio stations or play music streaming from sources such as Pandora and Spotify

Each Kit Includes the following:

  • Sangean DDR-63 stereo system with built-in speakers FM radio, CD Player, Internet Radio and 30-pin iPod dock
  • Auxiliary input cable with 3.5mm 3-conductor plug, for connection to a headphone output jack
  • Desktop microphone with a flexible gooseneck stand and push-button control
  • An amplifier that provides separate audio controls for the music and mirophone levels
  • The amplifier also provides a setting for the music to drop down when speaking into the microphone
  • 2 stethoscope-style pneumatic headphones and a starter bag with acoustic foam eartips
  • Patient Acoustic Interface - The PAI acrylic box contains the stereo sound drivers that produce the air-driven pneumatic audio for the acoustic headphones
  • Custom sized cables for your facility as specified in an installation evaluation form that is filled out in advance
  • Customized Installation Manual includes complete instructions, graphics and photos to facilitate installation in all MRI facilities
  • Plastic headphone hanger clips make it possible to hang-up the headphones between patients to keep them clean
  • Scan Sound provides complete product support to facilitate an easy installation

This MRI Stereo System was designed by Barry Leeper, founder of Scan Sound Inc. - Barry filed the very first patents for the MRI stereo system in 1986. Scan Sound has been continually providing MRI Patient Stereo Sound System Kits to customers worldwide ever since and our goal has been to deliver exceptional sound quality at economical prices. The installation manuals are easy to follow and extremely well written. They contain colorful graphics with pictorial diagrams, enabling the kits to be easily installed into all types of MRI scanning facilities. Technical assistance is just a phone call away.

Apple®, Bose®, iPod®, iPad® and iPhone® , Sangean®,  iTunes®, Spotify®, Pandora®, Sirius/XM®, are registered trademarks of their repective companies.

Here is a printable page showing our patient stereo sound system kits, details and product options

Audio Sources
FM Radio, CD Player, Internet Radio, iPod Dock
CD Media Accepted
MP3, AAC + and WMA Compatible Recorded CD's
Internet Radio Features
Over 15,000 Stations Worldwide, Pandora, Spotify & More
Stored Push-Button Settings
10 Internet Radio Presets & 10 FM Radio Presets
Additional Music Sources
SD Memory Card, USB, Aux Input
Network Connectivity
Wi-Fi Wireless Connectivity or Wired Ethernet (RJ-45 Jack)
Stereo Wooden Cabinet has Built-in Speakers
MRI System Compatibility
Easily Installed in all MRI Scanning Facilit
LCD Display with Built-in Clock
AC Power Requirements
110 Volt, 60 Hz
Accessories Included
2 Stethoscope Style Headphones
Country of Manufacture
United States

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