Dictation Headphone Earpads

Replacement Foam Earpads for Transcription Headphones and Dictation Headphones

The transcription style headsets use 22mm Size Foam Earpads

We offer replacement foam earpads in bags of 20 and bags of 100 and they are easily installed onto your dictation headset. These foam earpads will go onto most common types of transcription headphones including:

  • Olympus Dictation Headphones
  • Sanyo Transcription Headphones
  • Panasonic Transcription Style Headsets
  • Plantronics Dictation Headsets
  • Sony Transcription Headphones
  • Dictaphone Dictation Headphones
  • Lanier Dictation Headphones
  • Philips Transcription Headphones

These ear pad foam covers will easily replace the sponge covers on most stethoscope style and wishbone shape dictation headphones and headsets.