Pilot Headset Windscreens

Aviation and Pilot Windscreens

Windscreens that Fit Aviation Headphones and Ear Defenders

  • Foam windscreens for David Clark Pilot Headsets
  • Disposable windscreen covers for airplane and helicopter pilot headsets

We offer the foam microphone windscreens that are made to fit aviation headset microphones, including the size that are perfect for the David Clark H-100 series of pilot headsets. These foam windscreens are often used by airplane and helicopter pilots on their headset microphones to minimize wind noise and improve speech so it is clear and understandable. 

We also offer sanitary disposable covers designed to fit over the microphone windscreens that are used on most aviation headsets. These disposable covers include a small o-ring, similar to a rubber band, that is sized to go over the pilot headset windscreens. The o-ring helps to hold the disposable covers in place so they will not move around from the airflow when in helicopters and small airplanes. The disposable covers allow audio to pass through without much of a change to the sound characteristics. The covers are inexpensive and can be used on the pilot headsets by airplane and helicopter pilots, flight crew personnel and passengers and disposed of after use, so that a new crew or set or different passengers can share the headsets without sharing germs, such as the Covid-19 Coronavirus. The material used to make the pilot windscreen covers is biodegradable spunbond polypropylene, and that is the same material used in the production of N95 face masks and hospital patient gowns.