Mono Headphones

Mono headphones

These low price economical monaural headphones are frequently purchased for personal, educational and commercial use at schools, workout facilities, hospitals, churches and more.

Our Monaural Headphones deliver quality audio and are economically priced. Scan Sound also offers replacement foam earpads so each of the mono headphones may be recycled and used by many different users.

  • Low price mono headphones are inexpensive so you can afford to buy large quantities for many different users
  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • We offer replacement foam earpads and sanitary headphone covers so the headphones may be cleanly shared among many different users

Be sure to check out our HP-085 headphone that can be switch to hear Stereo or Mono sound. That particular headphone also has a volume control on each of the two earpieces, so you can independently adjust the volume level for a perfect balance of audio so those with a partial hearing loss can hear the sound equally in both earpieces.