Vehicle Wireless Teardrop Shaped Cushions

Replacement Foam Earpads for Automobile Infrared Wireless Headphones

You're about to take a trip when you suddenly realize that the foam on your wireless headphones has deteriorated. The old cushions can completely disintegrate and fall off the headphones, leaving a trail of black fuzz. Unfortunately, most vehicle dealerships will not offer replacement headphone earpads or cushions. We suggest that you order replacements from Scan Sound so you can restore your headphones.

Nearly all the car entertainment systems used the same type of infrared wireless headphones. Although the models and brands may vary, they all will be sized identically. It would be best to remove the existing earpads so you can measure the height and width, just to be sure that our earpads will fit your headphones. If your headphone has a teardrop shaped earpieces look like the ones shown in the photo below, then it is likely that your headphones will accept our 80mm teardrop earpad (or 80mm leatherette headphone cushion).

The 80mm teardrop shaped cushions and earpads will typically go onto an earpiece that is about 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 inches in size. You can change out the cushions and earpads fairly easily, and its not a bad idea to order a couple extras. Our cushions and earpads are made with a much higher grade of foam and leatherette style materials, so ours are going to last much longer than the original ones that came with your automobile entertainment system. We do offer Express Mail, FedEx Overnight, Standard and 2-Day shipping if needed. If you need them to go out the same day, just contact us, and we will try to expedite the order for you.

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