Sales Tax Info

NOTE: Product Shipments to Locations Outside of the State of Florida are NOT Charged Any Sales Taxes.

Only orders that are shipped to Florida addresses will be automatically charged the appropriate Florida sales tax.

If your order is being shipped to a Florida address and your organization is tax exempt, please send us the following required information to avoid being charged the Florida sales tax:

  • Full Name
  • Company or Organization Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Florida tax exempt certificate number

Send your email or fax using the  information below:


Once we have verified the tax exempt number through the State validation system, we will set up your account with the appropriate tax exempt status.

If you are tax exempt and you entered in an order that was charged sales tax, please contact us right away and provide your order number along with the above customer information. We will verify the sales tax number and then set up your account so you will not be charged sales taxes on future orders. We will also refund the sales taxes that were paid.