MEP-201 Model Earphones

MEP-201 1-BUD-Mobile and 1-BUD-Deluxe Earphones


There are two types of MEP-201 model earphones:

  1. The "Mobile" headset earphones feature a TRRS 4-conductor 3.5mm plug with inline microphone and push-button switch for communication use over smartphones . They will double as an audio earphone with most devices. The plug wiring uses the AHJ standard that is common to Apple iPhone earphones.

  2. The "Deluxe" models have a standard stereo 3-conductor 3.5mm plug (no microphone or push-button switch). They are compatible with audio devices having a standard stereo 3.5mm jack and are primarily used to hear stereo audio in one ear.

  • Each earphone includes a Medium eartip on the earphone
  • They include a set of Large and Small size eartips, to optimize the comfort and fit for any ear size
  • The cords contain Kevlar for added strength, exceptional durability, and flexibility that limits noise from the cord
  • They all have 3.5mm gold-plated plugs to ensure optimal connectivity, even when rotated in the jack during use
  • Includes a high-quality zippered carrying case and robust spring-loaded snap clip to store and protect your earphones
  • includes a cord-clip that is easily positioned and will prevent cord snags, holding the earbud in place as you move about