1-BUD Deluxe Right single-ear stereo earbud (for right ear) w/3 sizes of eartips and zippered earphone carrying case

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1-BUD DELUXE RIGHT Single-Ear Stereo Earbud • Part No. MEP-201SR

Includes 3 Sizes of Eartips and Zippered Earphone Carrying Case 

  • Earpiece is ergonomically shaped so that it fits naturally into the shape of your ear with a super comfortable fit that stays put in the Right ear and does not fall out
  • The earphone comes with a "Medium" size eartip already on the earphone, and it includes a "Small" and "Large" size eartip that can be easily replaced to customize the fit for your ear so it will rest comfortably in place
  • This earphone is ideal for listening to stereo from 1 earpiece while on the job, riding a bike, or performing activities for those with hearing in both ears, to keep one ear open to hear nearby traffic, machinery or activities that are essential to your safety
  • Works with Stereo Devices and Personal Electronics such as MP3 Players, iPod, Walkman, Laptops, CD Players, Desktop Computers, DVD Players, and Home Stereo Systems
  • The earphone comes really nicely appointed with accessories, including a zippered carrying case, a robust clip for attaching the carrying case securely onto a belt loop, backpack or purse, 3 sizes of eartips and a cord clip that can be used to hold the cord in place.
  • This earphone makes a great gift

CLICK HERE to View/Download the MEP-201SR product literature

Overview of the Features of the MEP-201SR Earphone

  • Single earpiece fits comfortably into the right ear offering exceptional sound
  • Great solution for people who may have a hearing loss in one ear, single sided deafness, unilateral hearing loss and those who just want to hear their favorite mixed together into one earpiece
  • Includes 3 sizes of eartips, with Medium eartip installed on earphone
  • Earphone users can install the Small or Large Eartip to customize the fit and ensure the earpiece provides total comfort within their ear
  • Each earphone comes nicely packaged with accessories, including a high-quality zippered carrying case
  • The zippered carrying case includes a high quality spring-loaded clip that can be snapped onto a belt loop or backpack to safely store your earphone and accessories
  • The 3.5mm plug is gold-plated to ensure the earphone makes an optimal connection and the gold-plated plug also minimizes oxidization from developing on the plug
  • The earpiece is designed to fit comfortably into the right ear
  • Our 1-BUD Deluxe Right utilizes our own patented 1-BUD technology to combine the Left and Right audio channels of mixed stereo sound so the Left and Right stereo channels can be heard in the Right facing earpiece without the need for any special adapters
  • The 1-BUD design enables this earphone to be into stereo or mono audio equipment
  • This patented 1-BUD earphone was designed by biomedical engineer and audio enthusiast, Barry Leeper. Barry's goal was to provide users with a customized audio product that would enhance their quality of life
  • This earbud is compatible with nearly all personal audio electronics devices that have an earphone jack, including iPod models, MP3 players, laptop computers, desktop computers, DVD players, CD players, satellite radio receivers, DJ equipment and FM stereo radios
  • This earphone is compatible with most MP3 players with an earphone jack
  • Compatible with most MONO audio products as well, including tape recorders, GPS Units, AM/FM radios, walkie talkies, scanner radios, transcription equipment and just about any mono or stereo product that has an earphone jack
  • Works well with assisted listening devices and audio tour amplifiers as well
Cable Length
50 in (1.27 m)
Black, Silver Trim
Mono and Stereo
Cord Type
Round TPE
Driver Size
Med Eartip on Earphone, Plus 1 Sm and 1 Lg
Small, Medium, Large Eartips
Right Ear
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
32 Ohms
Mid Range
20 dB
Hanging display bag
Plug Type
3.5mm, 3-Cond
Plug Plating
Plug Style
Slim Straight
Angled Ear Tip
  • John

    19th Oct 2020

    Back from the deaf

    I absolutely love this product. I went suddenly deaf in my left ear a couple of years ago - not great, especially for a music fan. I'd tried various 'fixes' but nothing seemed satisfactory, until I discovered this particular earphone. If you're deaf in one ear, this may change your life as it did mine. I've never had something so small make me do disproportionately happy. Thank you for being there ScanSound

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