Extra-Large Headphone Covers

Extra-Large Headphone Covers

Extra-Large size headphone covers will fit over extra large headphones, such as earmuffs and MRI headphones

Share headphones between many different headphone users without sharing germs, viruses, head lice, colognes, perfumes, hair spray, skin cream, lotions, skin rashes and more.

Cleanly share headphones and headsets while helping to prevent skin contact to limit the spread of the flu and Coronavirus

The extra-large size headphone covers have a stretchable opening that will allow them to stretch and fit an earpiece that is up to 7 inches in diameter. All our headphone covers are latex-free and dermatologically safe for individuals with sensitive skin.

Sizing Information:

  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 1/2-inches or smaller in size (up to 6.3cm) - Order the SMALL SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 to 3 1/2-inches (5 to 9cm) - Order the MEDIUM SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 3 to 5-inches in size (7.6 to 12.7cm) - Order the LARGE SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is between 4 to 7-inches (10.2 to 17.8cm) - Order the EXTRA LARGE SIZE Headphone Covers

Purchase orders are accepted from most schools, hospitals, doctor's offices, medical facilities, libraries, call centers, businesses and corporations in the USA.

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