Microphone Windscreens

Microphone Windscreens

Now you can easily replace old worn out foam microphone covers. Known as "windscreens" and "wind socks", these foam microphone covers are frequently used by professional audio engineers. They are often called "wind screens" because they literally screen out wind noise.

Windscreen Benefits

  • Reduce background noise, especially wind noise.
  • Reduce clicks, pops, hiss, wind as well as motion noises from microphone vocals
  • Make it clearer to hear words that begin with the letters "P", "B", "S" and "T"
  • Reduce unwanted background sounds

Determining the Right Windscreen Size

  • Measure your microphone circumference by wrapping a string around the mike
  • If you don't have a string, use a piece of dental floss or a thin piece of paper
  • After you determine the circumference of your microphone, divide that by 3.14 to get the diameter
  • Find the inside diameter size range that is close to your diameter and keep in mind that the foam will easily stretch 2mm or 3mm in diameter
  • Use the inside depth to gauge how deep the microphone goes into the foam windscreen
  • We have additional information on each windscreen page at the very bottom of the pages that can be downloaded to visually match up the windscreen with common office products, to get an idea of the sizing


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