Headset Windscreen, HM-0525, Bag of 2

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Headset Microphone Windscreens, Bag of 2 • Part No. HM-0525

Black Foam Windscreens Fit Microphones up to 1/4" in Diameter

HM-0525 Headset Windscreen Specs

  • These foam microphone windscreens are typically used on headset microphones and lapel microphones
  • Replace old foam that may be degrading the performance or clarity of your microphone
  • Put a new windscreen on your headset or lapel microphone to temper the pop, hiss sounds and wind noise
  • You can very easily restore an aging headset microphone by replacing the sponge foam windscreen
  • Some foam microphone covers are replaced to maintain sanitary hygiene between many headset users
  • Install a windscreen on your headset microphone to help improve speech recognition and clarity
  • These windscreens have an inside diameter that is 3/16 inch (5mm) and will fit mikes up to 1/4 inch in diameter
  • Replace used windscreens to freshen headphones that might be covered with germs, bacteria or contagion

The Headset Foam Windscreens are 1 inch long and ½ inch diameter • Part No. HM-0525

These headset windscreens will fit onto the end of a No. 2 pencil, as you can see below:

HM-0525 on the end of a Pencil

Inside Diameter 0.20" 3/16 inch 5.0mm
Inside Depth 0.79" 3/4 inch 20mm
Overall Height 1.0" 1 inch 25mm
Overall Diameter 0.5" 1/2 inch 15mm
Color Black    
Quantity 2 per Poly Bag    
SKU No. HM-0525    
Sold in Pairs      


  • These are our smallest size foam windscreens and you can use a number 2 pencil to compare with the diameter of your microphone to see if these windscreens will fit
  • All our windscreens are sold in pairs with 2 windscreens per bag
    • Install one HM-0525 windscreen and keep the other as a spare
  • These types of windscreens fit are frequently used on call center headsets and they will fit most lapel microphones that are up to 1/4 inch in diameter
  • Each bag of HM-0525 contains 2 microphone windscreens in a re-closable polybag
  • Microphone will slide into the windscreen going in about 3/4-inch
  • The windscreen overall size from top to bottom is about 1-inch and the diameter is 1/2 inch
  • After replacing the foam sponge you will see how it helps to reduce motion and background noises that often degrade voice and vocal recordings
  • It's quite easy to remove your old foam sponge cover and install a new Scan Sound windscreen

Compatible with these Headsets:

  • Andrea NC 181 Headset 
  • VXI talk Pro express 
  • Most Logitech Headphones
  • Blue Parrot Express Headset
  • Lapel Microphones and Headset Microphones with a 1/4 to 1/2-inch diameter microphone
  • Windscreen Fits many popular audio conferencing microphones
  • Small goose-neck podium microphones utilize microphone windscreens like the HM-0525
  • Also fits many small instrument microphones for guitars, brass and woodwind instruments as well as string instruments
  • Windscreens Frequently use on headset and performer microphones
  • Fits many small recording microphones

For additional details and pictures of all the microphone windscreens view the downloadable files found below

Windscreen Size Comparison (654.27 KB)

Microphone Windscreen Specifications (3.47 MB)

See a Comparison of all our Microphone Windscreen Dimensions


One customer writes: 

Hi Barry:

The fit of the windscreens is perfect on my Blue Parrot Express Headset. When the wind really blows hard there is a touch of noise but in wind speeds that get up to "hair messing speed" there is no wind noise.

Thanks for that review


Sold in Pairs (2 windscreens)
Typical Use
Headset and Lapel Microphones
Inside Diameter
3/16-inches = 5mm
Inside Depth
¾-inch = 20mm
Overall Height
1-inch = 25mm
Overall Diameter
½-inch = 13mm

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