Entertainment & Podium Microphone Windscreen, MIK-95

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Windscreen for Entertainment Microphones • Part No. MIK-95

  • These microphone windscreen are designed to fit broadcast and entertainment microphones that are typically handheld or on a microphone stand
  • The foam covers the outer surfaces of the microphone to reduce undesired sound, such as wind noise, pop, hiss and distant sounds so you can clearly hear the entertainer's voice with greater clarity
  • Most frequently used by professional entertainers and will fit ball style microphones
  • The flexible foam will fit onto a microphones that are about 32mm (1 1/4 inches) in diameter
  • The microphone will slide inside the windscreen, covering about 65mm (2 1/2 inches) of the microphone
  • These are frequently purchased by comics, singers and entertainers as their own personal windscreen to place on the microphones they use and share with other entertainers
  • I used to love to watch the entertainers who carried their own windscreen, just so they would not have other entertainer's germs on the microphone they often placed near their face, so it seemed like a great idea to make the readily available at a very reasonable price
  • These are great for Karaoke use, and entertainers can choose to have their own personal windscreen just to avoid the germs from other performers

MIK-95 Measurements

Microphone Windscreen, Black - Part No. MIK-95

Inside Diameter 1.260" 1 1/4 inches 32mm
Inside Depth 2.560" 2 1/2 inches 65mm
Overall Height 2.956" 3 inches 75mm
Overall Diameter 2.360" 2 3/8 inches 60mm
Color Black    
Quantity 1 per Poly Bag    
SKU No. WS-3562    
Sold in Sealed Bag      
  • Microphone Windscreens help to reduce wind noise and pop, giving speech a natural sound
  • Each order includes 1 individual microphone windscreen in a sealed polybag
  • This size Microphone Windscreen is most commonly used by singers and entertainers on ball style mikes
  • The ball microphones are the ones you usually see on pianos and entertainment microphones in clubs and restaurants
  • These foam windscreen fit onto microphones that are 32 mm, which is 1 1/4 inches in diameter
  • Replace the foam on your mike to give it a new refreshed look and keep it clean of dust, dirt and germs
  • Replace worn out foam coverings to freshen up your microphone
  • Replace the foam if you are sharing the microphone and you want to keep your own cover on the mike (often used by entertainers)
  • Reasonably priced windscreens are almost half the price charged by other companies
  • Easily remove your old microphone foam sponge cover and install a new Scan Sound windscreen
1 per bag
1 Piece
Inside Diameter
1 1/4 inches = 32mm
Inside Depth
2 9/16 inches = 65mm
Outer Length
2 15/16 inches = 75mm
Outer Diameter
2 5/16 inches = 60mm

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