Aviation Headset Windscreen

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Aviation Microphone Windscreens • Part No. HM-1043

Fits Most All Aviation Headsets 

  • Fits onto the Most Popular Aviation Headsets:
    • David Clark H10 Aviation Headsets
    • Bose A20 Aviation Headsets
    • Fits most Helicopter Pilot Headsets
    • Used with most Airplane Headsets for Commercial Pilots and General Avaition Pilots
    • Military Headsets also use the same size Microphone Windscreens
    • Each Windscreen comes with an easy to install rubber O-ring to gives it that extra snug fit
  • When piloting you will want your voice to be clearly understood and these foam windscreens are the best
  • You want your voice to be clearly heard and very distinct, so it is important to have fresh new windscreens
  • All foam will deteriorate over time, so you need to anticipate having to periodically repllace the foam windscreen on your aviation headsets, so take into consideration that ours are reasonably priced and will perform extremely well and last longer than most other windscreens
  • Each HM-1043 includes 1 Foam Windscreen and 1 Rubber O-Ring

HM-1043 Pilot Headset Windscreens

Ideally, you should make a measurement of the diameter of the microphone. Alternatively, you can measure across the area where the microphone was inserted into the old foam windscreen. The HM-1043 fits most aviation headset microphones and there is a rubber o-ring that is included with each one. The opening is 5mm (3/16 inch) however they are made to stretch over most all pilot headset microphones.

Your headset microphone will go inside approximately 1 inch. It okay to scrunch up the foam some to get the microphone all the way inside, and you can use the o-ring to cinch it up and take out any slack, so that the microphone stays all the way inside at the very tip of the windscreen. That will ensure that you get the maximum sound transfer.

Inside Diameter 0.1875" 3/16 inch 5mm
Inside Depth 1.0" 1 inch 30mm
Overall Height 1.1875" 1 3/16 inches 37mm
Overall Diameter 0.625" 5/8 inches 16mm
Color Black    
Quantity 1 Windscreen per Poly Bag   1 O-Ring  
SKU No. HM-1043    
Unit  1 Winscreen & 1 O-Ring    


  • The Microphone Windscreen will help to improve audio clarity and reduce wind noise
  • Each bag contains 1 each of P/N HM-1043 with 1 microphone windscreen and 1 O-Ring in a polybag
  • Over time your existing headset windscreens will become worn and it only takes a minute to replace them
  • If more than one person has been using your headset, you may want to consider swapping the windscreens or placing one of our disposable pilot microphone covers over the windscreen
  • Easily remove your old microphone foam sponge cover and install a new Scan Sound windscreen
  • All items are normally in stock unless otherwise indicated
  • Dealer Pricing available upon request


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