Gel Filled Ear Seals for Pilot Headsets, 2 each

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Gel Ear Seals for David Clark Headsets, 2 Each • Part No. DC-1213

  • These gel ear seals are an aftermarket design, made to fit onto David Clark headsets
  • Soft gel filled cushions will maintain a comfortable seal against your ears
  • Restore your pilot headset ear defenders with our gel filled ear seals
  • Low-cost upgrade for your older aviation headset
  • Gel ear seals will remain comfortable, even when wearing them for long periods
  • The comfortable gel contoured fit helps to seal off outside noise
  • These cushions will fit most passive aviation headsets
  • The cushions have an open slit on the back side that grips around the ear dome to firmly hold them in place
  • The gel inside the cushion flexes to help maintain even pressure against your head
  • The soft gel filled cushions help to attenuate noise so you will feel less fatigued after a long trip
  • The gel cushions are packaged in pairs, and there is a discount if you buy 2 or more pairs
  • Fits the David Clark H-10 series of headsets and that shape and fit is common to many other aviation headsets 

Replacement Pilot Headset Gel Ear Cushions • Part No. DC-1213

  • These soft, flexible and reliable cushions are designed to replace the gel ear seal headset cushions on many aviation headsets that have a rounded rectangular fit
  • They are made of soft vinyl material with gel inside to provide the ultimate seal for greater comfort at the same time that it attenuates external noise

These replacement cushions will install around the outer edge of many aviation headsets and pilot headphones. You start by removing the old cushions. Then fit the dome ridge inside of the top thin cushion flap before working the cushion around by guiding it into place using your finger insdie the cushion opening untill you have worked the cushion all the way around the entire headset ridge.

Pilot Headset Ear Cushion, Set of 2

  • Each package contains 2 gel filled cushions and there is a discount available if you buy 2 pairs or more at a time
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Soft leather like vinyl covering over foam interior
  • Dimensions: 4 3/8 inches x 3 1/2 inches x 3/4 inches (L x H x W)
  • Metric Dimensions: 111.2 mm x 89 mm x 19 mm (L x H x W)
  • RoHS Compliant

All our headphone cushions are in stock, immediately available and they ship from our Virginia fulfillment center.

Inch Dimensions (L x H x W)
4 3/8 x 3 1/2 x 3/4 inches
Metric Dimensions
111.2 mm x 89 mm x 19 mm
Inch Decimal Dimensions
4.375 x 3.5 x .75 inches
Fill Material
1 Ear Seal Cushion

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