Disposable Pilot Microphone Covers, 100 per bag

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Disposable Pilot Microphone covers, Bag of 100 • Part No. PILOT-MICCVR

  • Microphone Covers designed to fit over the Microphones used on Pilot Headsets such as the David Clark H-10 Series Headsets
  • Fits over the Foam Microphone Protectors on Airplane Pilot and Helicopter Pilot Headsets
  • These microphone covers have a ⅞ inch opening (23mm) diameter opening
  • Each bag includes 100 disposable microphone covers with 100 rubber bands
  • These Covers will fit onto most aviation headsets and the rubber bands will secure the disposable covers in place over the foam microphone protector windscreens
  • Many customers also order the LARGE HEADPHONE COVERS for their Headset Earpieces and Headbands
  • All covers are white colored, hand-sewn, and come folded flat in a re-sealable plastic bag that contains 100 covers and rubber bands
  • Helps to prevent moisture laden sneezes, coughs and spittle carrying potential viruses from landing on the microphone surfaces
  • Covers can be routinely replaced to reduce the spread of viral infectious germs such as Covid-19
  • Each bag is priced at $21.95 and there price breaks when purchasing the microphone covers in larger quantities
CLICK HERE to View & Download the Disposable Microphone Cover Product Literature

Disposable Pilot Microphone covers, Bag of 100 • Part No. PILOT-MICCVR

  • Sanitary microphone covers easily fit onto airline headset microphones, and slip right over the 7/8 inch size foam windscreens that are 23mm in diameter
  • Includes 100 individual microphone covers and 100 rubber bands (1 inch diameter) to help secure the headset covers in place
  • We recommend regular cleaning of the microphone with Whoosh! Cleaner, replacement of the HM-1043 foam windscreen and installation of a fresh PILOT-MICCVR disposable microphone cover as part of your routine headset maintenance
  • When cleaning and replacing the microphone covers, remember to also thoroughly wash your hands according to the CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the flu and the novel Coronavirus
  • Headset users should aways put on a fresh new set of disposable covers before using a shared headset
  • Many airline companies have purchased our microphone covers for their pilots and ground crews to provide vital protection from the spread of Covid-19
  • Airborne droplets and particles are expelled when speaking, and these very small invisible particles can carry the common cold, influenza or Covid-19 Coronavirus that can easily settle on a headset microphone
  • Our headset covers provide an extra layer of safety, by enabling you to keep the microphones clean and hygienic by placing disposable covers over the headset microphones
  • The microphone and earpiece covers should be in use on all shared headsets to limit the potential spread of germs and bacteria
  • The covers come in sealed bags with 100 microphone covers in each bag and they help to shield microphone users from sharing germs left in place by a previous user
  • The microphone covers are made from spunbond polypropelyne - this is the same material used to make wet wipes, face masks and surgical garb
  • Length 65 mm (2 9/16-inches),   Diameter 23 mm (⅞-inch) to fit over headset microphones
  • We recommend Whoosh Duo 3.4 oz Cleaner and Whoosh 1 oz Cleaner with antimicrobial cloths as effective cleaners for headsets

The MICCVR small microphone covers are commonly used on the following:

  • Call-center headset microphones
  • Restaurant wireless headset microphones
  • Small podium microphones
  • Microphone that are less than  0.75 (3/4) inches in diameter

The PILOT-MICCVR microphone covers will fit on the following headset microphones:

  • David Clark Pilot Headset microphones
  • Many other pilot headset microphones that are up to 7/8 inches in diameter
  • Helicopter pilot aviation headsets
  • Airline Pilot aviation headsets
  • Our HM-1043 Pilot Microphone Foam Windscreens

The LGMICCVR large size microphone covers fit onto headset microphones up to 1.25 (1 1/4) inches in diameter. such as

  • Various desktop microphones
  • Many podium style microphones
  • Courtroom microphones for most US District Courthouses and Bankruptcy Court Microphones
  • Podium microphones

Our SS-4-100 (white) and SS-4B-100 (black) Medium Size Headphone Covers will fit onto hand-held microphones, such as:

  • Karaoke microphones up to 1 1/2 inches in Diameter
  • Entertainment size microphones up to 1.5 inches in Diameter

Our SS-2-100 Large Size White Headphone Covers and SS-2B-100 Large Size Black Headphone Covers can be used on very large microphones that have a windscreen on them or are up to 2.3 inches in size.

The synthetic material is thin enough to allow sound to pass through without degrading the audio quality and it make the microphone much easier to keep clean from germs, bacteria, influenza and the coronavirus. It is recommended that when you remove the cover from the microphone that you handle the cover carefully and assume it is covered with germs. Afterwards you need to wash your hands thoroughly.

Diameter (Inches)
7/8 inches
Diameter (Metric)
Length (inches)
2 9/16 inches
Length (Metric)

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