Large Sanitary Disposable Headphone Covers (White), Bag of 100

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Large Sanitary Disposable Headphone Covers (White), Bag of 100 (Covers) • SS-2-100

  • These white disposable headphone covers fit 3 inch to 5 inch diameter earpieces
  • The soft material rests against the ear, shielding users from touching the cushions
  • Enables many different users to share the same headphones without worry of sharing germs, lice, bacteria, flu and Coronavirus resulting from contact with other headphone users
  • The covers are hypoallergenic and latex free and freely allow all audio to pass through
  • The disposable covers also help preserve the headphone cushions and keep them clean

Large Sanitary Disposable Headphone Covers (White), Bag of 100 (Covers) • SS-2-100

  • Each bag contains 100 individual white colored large size sanitary headphone covers
  • They are made from spunbond polypropylene, a synthetic material that is thin enough to easily enable sound to pass through
  • You won't even hear any sound difference and all types of music and spoken voices can be easily heard through the synthetic material
  • The disposable headset covers have an elasticized opening and they are easily removed so users are not being repeatedly exposed to the infections, bacteria, germs, flu and Coronavirus of prior users
  • The large size disposable headphone covers typically will fit the style of headphones that cup around the ear
  • These disposable headset covers are frequently used wherever headphones are shared, such as pilot simulators, military training exercises, surgical procedures, hospitals, libraries, language training, student presentations, courthouse proceedings, voting booth equipment, media labs, depositions, museums, planetariums, music halls, corporate presentations, job ccreening programs, job training, clean rooms, restaurant drive-thru cashiers, frozen foods storage facilities, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, disc jockeys, recording studios, medical laboratories, schools, hospitals, clinics and dental offices 
  • Commonly used where headphones and headsets may be shared by many people 
  • Purchased by those who are concerned about public safety and want to limit the potential spread of Lice, Bacteria, Influenza and Contagious Diseases
  • Elastic has no latex and it will stretch to cover the outer portion of the shared headphones so the earpieces are not coming into contact with the ears and surrounding hair
  • Can be used on all types of DJ style headphones including stereo headphones, wireless headphones and MRI patient headphones
  • Each Bag contains 100 individual disposable stretchable headphone covers per bag
  • Comfortable material - does not itch or cause any added pressure against the skin and the fabric material DOES NOT contain Latex
  • Maintains cleanliness of headphones while limiting the spread of germs between headphone users
  • These disposable synthetic covers will easily allow audio through without users being aware that the protective covers are in place
  • The stretchable opening enables each disposable headset cover to be easily replaced each time a new user puts on the same headset
  • Optimally sized to fit the Scan Sound NRH-101 Noise Reduction Headphones for patient imaging
  • Compatible with hearing protection earmuffs worn at shooting ranges, high noise environments and inside MRI Scanners
  • The synthetic material is Inert (invisble) in MRI Scans and they are suitable for use in hospitals
  • Our covers have been used by facilities worldwide to prevent the spread of disease, infections, bacteria, lice and viruses 
  • Enables multiple headphone users to share headphones without sharing germs, bed bugs, viruses, bacteria, Coronavirus and micro organisms
  • Works well as a clean room dust Cover for small items including camera lenses - Elastic will stretch 3 to 5 inches in size
  • Large Disposable Covers fit Headphones that totally surround the ear - The small disposable covers fit headphones that rest against the ear
  • These large size disposable covers are frequently used by pilots, dental offices, schools, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, spas, dialysis clinics and training centers
  • Many businesses use these disposable covers at tradeshows and training programs where users frequently share headphones to hear product presentations or to learn about new products
  • The large size disposable covers fit easily around the headphone earpieces of popular brand headphones such as Sony, Bose and Sennheiser Headsets


  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 1/2-inches or smaller in size (up to 6.3cm) - Order the SMALL SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 to 3 1/2-inches (5 to 9cm) - Order the MEDIUM SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 3 to 5-inches in size (7.6 to 12.7cm) - Order the LARGE SIZE Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is between 4 to 7-inches (10.2 to 17.8cm) - Order the EXTRA LARGE SIZE Headphone Cover

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Country of Manufacture
Non Woven Polypropylene
Reclosable Plastic Bags
100 Individual Pieces per Bag

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