Small Sanitary Disposable Headphone Covers (Red), Bag of 100

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Small sanitary disposable headphone covers (red), bag of 100 • Part No. SS-3R-100

  • Each bag contains 100 small size red disposable headphone covers
  • These small size red headphone covers fit onto headphones that are typically 1 to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • The disposable headset covers will enable many users to share the same headphones without sharing germs, head lice and to limit the spread of the flu and Coronavirus
  • A latex free elastic opening makes it easy to remove and re-install new covers on headphones and headsets

Small sanitary disposable headphone covers (red), bag of 100 • Part No. SS-3R-100

  • The thin cloth material can be used on headphones and will allow the sound to clearly pass through
  • All kinds of audio, such as music and voice will be clearly heard right through the material
  • These covers should fit headphones that have an earpiece diameter between 1 to 2 1/2 inches in size
  • Our disposable headphone covers make it possible for many different people to share headphones without spreading germs such as the flu and Coronavirus
  • They are often used on call center headsets and headphones for computer labs, schools, sales presentations, hospitals, language training programs, business presentations, legal proceedings, voting equipment, media labs, courthouses, depositions, museums, tour groups, planetariums, music halls, corporate presentations, job screening programs, job training and drive-through restaurant headsets
  • Anytime headphones and headsets may be shared by many people it is best to keep them clean and protect users from coming directly into contact with the cushions
  • The covers safely protect users by limiting the spread of infectious diseases, lice, bacteria, influenza and many other germs and contagious bacteria
  • These latex-free covers have an elastic opening to easily stretch over the cushions, preventing direct skin contact with the headset earpieces
  • These RED color covers will stand out, and users will recognize that they are providing each user with a clean and fresh headphone that is safe and sound
  • These covers can be used to cover many different items, and the red color stands out to let everyone see that the covers are in place and can be removed after use
  • Each bag of headphone covers contains 100 individual soft stretchable headphone covers
  • The covers are made of very comfortable material that will not itch or cause any kind of skin rash because the material is hypoallergenic
  • We recommend that users replace the headphone covers before the passing the headphones to a new user
  • The small headphone covers fit most Logitech and Plantronics headphones and headsets
  • They can be used as clean room dust covers for lenses, product samples and small items, stretching 1 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter
  • These small size covers can be also be used by nurses and physicians as stethoscope covers, limiting the spread of germs between patients
  • They have a stretch that will cover and surround headphone earpieces up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter
  • Often used by health spas, dialysis facilities, dental offices, doctors offices, schools and trade shows
  • The cover work well for corporate training programs, convention and business presentations
  • They will work well with mono headphones, stereo headphones and clip on headphones
  • The headset covers are disposable and they will help prevent the viruses, bacteria and the spread of lice
  • Simply stretch the covers over the headphone and headset foam or leatherette cushions


  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 1 to 2 1/2-inches (2.5 to 6.3cm) - Order the Small Size Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 2 to 3 1/2-inches (5 to 9cm) - Order the Medium Size Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is 3 to 5-inches in size (7.6 to 12.7cm) - Order the Large Size Headphone Covers
  • Headphone Earpiece Size is between 4 to 7-inches (10.2 to 17.8cm) - Order the Ex-Large Headphone Covers

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Country of Manufacture
Non Woven Polypropylene
Reclosable Plastic Bag
100 Pieces per Bag
1 to 2 1/2 inches

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