MRI-Safe Noise Reduction Headphone for MRI Patient Stereo Systems

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MRI-Safe Noise Reduction Headphone for MRI Patient Stereo Systems • Part No. NRH-101

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  • This pneumatic headphone uses a twin modular plug connected to an MRI stereo system to enable patients to listen to music during their MRI scan
  • The MRI noise reduction headphone has been adapted from a hearing protective ear muff
  • This plastic shell earpieces surround the ears, block out noise and enable patients to hear music during their scan
  • The foam inside also helps to absorb noise and twin audio tubes send the sound directly into the ear canal
  • This headphone compliments the Scan Sound MRI patient stereo sound systems and is compatible with most MRI sound systems
  • The headband can be removed if you want to adapt the headphone to fit inside of special coils
  • We also offer most of the headphone parts, so they can be easily replaced to service and maintain the headphones

MRI-Safe Noise Reduction Headphone for MRI Patient Stereo Systems • Part No. NRH-101

These pneumatic headphones connect to MRI stereo sound systems and enable patients to relax while listening to music during their scan. Most MRI patients are generally nervous, and have anxiety mixed in with claustrophobia, so if the patients can tune out their surrounding and relax inside the the MRI scanner while listening to the music they are far more likely to go through with the scan. When listening to music, the patients will be less likely to become anxious and move around during the scan. As a result, the patients will hold still longer and the resulting images will turn out better and your patients will go away with a positive feeling about the scan they had at your facility.

These Headphones will Reduce the High Levels of Noise while Enabling the Patients to Hear Music During their MRI Scan

  • By reducing the overall noise levels, the MRI Headphones make it possible for the patients to hear the MRI music during their MRI scans
  • The NRH-101 Noise Reduction Headphone is directly compatible with nearly all MRI Sound Systems
  • We offer NRH-SYM and NRH-ADP adapters so the NRH-101 headphones can plug into the Siemens MRI sound system port 
  • The hearing protective ear muff designed headphone completely surrounds the ear and tubing directs the sound into the ear canal
  • The earpiece outer shell, inside foam and acoustic foam eartips all combine to provide an estimated 49 dB of noise reduction
  • This headphone helps patients to hear the music during their MRI scans while reducing the loud knocking sounds that are produced by the MRI scanner
  • This headphone is comfortable for adults and children to wear during their MRI scan
  • We offer disposable headphone covers and replacement acoustic foam eartips to keep the headphone clean and germ free
  • You can use our sanitary disposable stretch covers, Part No. SS-2-100, with the NRH-101 Noise Reduction MRI headphone
  • We also offer Whoosh! cleaner which can be used to keep the earpieces and headband clean, without any harsh chemicals
  • NRH-101 headphone modular plug mates with viny tubing having a 1/4-inch inside diameter
  • Acoustic tubing inside the headphone earpiece is positioned to direct the sound down into the patient's ear canal
  • The patient stereo system was first developed by Scan Sound in 1986 to help patients overcome claustrophobia and relax within the MRI magnet
  • The headphone is made totally from plastic materials, making it MRI safe, inert and invisible to the MRI scans
  • All our MRI headphones are compatible with most all MRI sound systems, and we do offer an adapter to connect with those that have a single connector port
  • These noise reduction headphones are non-ferrous and are specifically designed for use within an MRI scanner
  • The headphones help patients to relax and pass the time in the scanner; A relaxed patient is less likely to move during the scan
  • Our 521-200 replaceable eartips help to direct the sound into the ear canal and they also provide additional noise reduction
  • Adapters are available for Siemens MRI Scanners
    - The NRH-ADP is designed for Siemens MRI units that have a headphone port on the side table
    - The NRH-SYM adapter is designed for Siemens Symphony MRI units with a headphone port at the foot end of the table
  • MRI safe for all magnetic resonance imaging system field strengths
  • Achieves noise reduction passively with a hard outer shell plastic earpiece, foam inside earpiece and an eartip inside that directs the sound directly into the ear canal
  • Compatible with high-field MRI, open MRI and fMRI systems
  • This headphone is used frequently for most body, extremity and spine imaging MRI scans
  • These headphones are easily maintained and we offer most of the individual headphone parts online

A pair of conventional headphones will not function within the extremely high magnetic fields of an MRI scanner, so a special type of acoustic sound system and pneumatic headphones are needed. The technologist sits outside of the scan room and they usually control the scanner and select the music that goes to box inside the scan room. A connector on that box will send the audio through tubing up to the patient's headphones. The Scan Sound MRI headphones all have a twin modular plug that is located on the end of the headphone tubing. This modular plug connects to two vinyl tubes (1/4 inch ID), enabling the sound to travel up to the ears.

The headphones have a thick outer plastic shell and a layer of foam inside that helps to absorb most of the MRI scanner noise. A tube inside the earpiece directs the audio right into the ear canal. This foam surrounds the ears and combines with the outer shell of the MRI headphone provide a substantial amount of noise reduction. The headphones and tubing are all made from synthetic plastic materials, so the headphone is completely inert, and will not affect the MRI scan in any way. The Scan Sound headphones can all be used safely inside of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners and are considered to be MRI safe. The headphones are comfortable for adults and children and allows the patients to enjoy the music while they relax inside the MRI scanner.

Here is a printable page showing our patient stereo sound system kit details and product options

Audio Source
MRI Patient Stereo System
MRI Patient Stereo
Country of Manufacture
United States
One pair of Acoustic Eartips
Plug Type
Twin Modular Tubes 1/4 inch OD
MRI Compatible Headphone
  • J-Bone

    15th Sep 2021

    Great replacement headphones for OEM product

    These headphones are a great replacement for the headphones that were installed by the original installation of the sound system. The sound quality is excellent and we actually saw an improvement. I cannot speak on longevity, due to the small length of time that we have had these headphones, but the materials seem almost identical to the original headphones.

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