Acoustic Headphone Adapter for MRI-Headphones

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Acoustic Headphone Adapter for Stereo Acoustic Pneumatic Headphones: Part No. NRH-ADP

  • Many Siemens MRI systems have a built in patient sound system that comes with a single mono headphone connector port. The port consists of a short tube that is mounted on the side or end of the patient table.
  • If you want to use the Scan Sound MRI Headphones with this kind of single tube style port, you will need to use either our NRH-ADP or NRH-SYM adapter
  • Both of these adapters will connect to the single-tube headphone port and split the sound going to each of the Scan Sound headphones
  • Our NRH-ADP model adapter is designed to attach to the headphone port that is located up close to the magnet entry area on the side of the patient table. Being very close to the magnet entry point, only a short adapter tube is required.
  • We also offer an NRH-SYM adapter that comes with 2 meters of vinyl tubing so it can reach from the foot of the bed and extend far enough to reach the MRI headphones inside the magnet

Twin Acoustic Headphone Adapter for MRI Sound System Pneumatic Headphones: Part No. NRH-ADP

  • The NRH-ADP will enable the Scan Sound MRI headphones to connect with the Siemens MRI scanner sound systems
  • This vinyl adapter slides onto a plastic plug that inserts into connector on the side of the MRI patient table
  • The Scan Sound headphones twin modular plugs mate with the NRH-ADP adapter
  • Keep in mind that the headphone port on the Siemens MRI scanners may be on the side of the patient table or down at the foot of the bed
  • Those MRI systems that have the headphone port located near the magnet entry area, on the side of the patient table, should use the NRH-ADP adapter
  • If the headphone port is located at the foot of the table, the NRH-SYM adapter should be used because it has long tubing that will extend the headphones to reach into the magnet

The NRH-ADP acoustic headphone adapter is designed for use on the Siemens MRI scanners. Most have a built-in patient sound system and the headphone connector port resembles a 90-degree plastic plug. There are two different possible locations for the headphone port. The older Siemens units positioned the headphone port on the side of the patient bed, fairly close to the magnet entry. Most of the newer Siemens MRI units positioned the headphone port further away from the magnet, at the foot-end of the patient bed. We have two different adapters and these should be selected based on the location of that connector port.

If your headphone port is located near the end of the bed, furthest from the magnet area, then you will need the longer tubes that come with our NRH-SYM adapter. Most will not need the full 2 meter length tubing, and that will be trimmed back in order to optimize the sound quality. If your headphone port is located closer to the magnet (on the side of the patient bed), then you will want to order the NRH-ADP adapter, because that adapter does not need require any additional tubing to reach all the way inside the magnet.

Audio Source
Siemens Headphone Port on Side of Patient Table
Siemens MRI Sound System
Country of Manufacture
United States
2 meters (6ft 7in) vinyl tubing
Plug Type
Twin Modular Tubes 1/4 inch OD
Power Requirements
MRI Headphone Adapter

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