MRI-Safe Stethoscope-Style Pneumatic Headphone

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MRI-Safe Stethoscope-Style Pneumatic Headphones • Part No. P-101

  • This pneumatic headphone is ideal for MRI sound systems and is similar to airline style headphones of the past
  • It is made completely from plastic and foam parts so it will not interfere with MRI scans
  • Sound travels through plastic tubing to the left and right headphone earpieces
  • The stethoscope style MRI headphone will fit into most MRI coils, including head coils

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MRI-Safe Stethoscope-Style Acoustic Headphones • Part No. P-101

  • These stethoscope-style acoustic MRI headphones are totally inert, because they are made completely from plastic and foam materials that are invisible when worn during magnetic resonance imaging scans
  • We supply these stethoscope-style headphones as a standard item with each of our Scan Sound MRI stereo kits
  • The P-101 pneumatic headphone design is similar to the style of headphones that were used by the airlines prior to 1980 when there was an acoustic twin tubing port built into the passenger seat arm rests
  • Pneumatic sound is directed through two plastic tubes to the left and right ears so that the MRI patients can hear true stereo sound
  • These stethoscope style pneumatic headphones accept our 521-200 acoustic foam eartips
  • The eartips may be replaced after each patient so the headphones remain clean and fresh for repetitive use
  • The air-driven music from the stethoscope type of headphone delivers the acoustic sound directly into the patient's ears
  • The plastic headphones are invisible when reviewing the MRI patient scans because the materials used are inert
  • The inert plastic materials of this headphone will not interfere with the high magnetic fields from the magnetic resonance imaging scanners
  • Due to its low profile, this headphone may be used when scanning any part of the body, mainly because it can fit into each of the various MRI coils (including most head and brain coils)
  • The stethoscope style headphone is comfortable for both adults and children
  • The headphone eartips fit comfortably to send music into the ears at the same time that they block out about 29 dB of noise from the scanner
  • For optimal blocking of noise, we recommend our NRH-101 noise reduction headphone, because it cups completely around the ears
  • Not all coils will fit the NRH-101 headphones due to a limited amount of space inside
  • For most head scans, patients may be limited to using either our stethoscope style headphones or our pad headset style headphones (model PAD-HS)
  • Economical hygienic replacement eartips provide some noise reduction and offer sanitary sharing of headphones between multiple patients
  • The acoustic foam eartips can be easily removed and replaced with new eartips
  • On the end of the twin tubing from the headphones there are 2 modular plastic plugs that are 1/4 inch in diameter, and these will plug into the 1/4 inch ID vinyl tubes that supply sound from the MRI stereo sound system
  • The modular plug can be pulled out of the twin vinyl tubes, making way for connection of other MRI headphones, if so desired

Here is a printable page showing our patient stereo sound system kit details and product options

Audio Source
MRI Patient Stereo System
MRI Patient Stereo
Plug Type
Twin Modular Tubes 1/4 inch OD
MRI Compatible Headphone

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