90mm Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2

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90mm Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2 • Part No. LEC90

Measure the Size of Your Earpiece to Determine the Best Fitting Ear Cushion

  • Fits headphones and headsets with an average earpiece diameter of 80 -to- 88 mm in size
  • That is the equivalent to 3.127 to 3.46 inches or 3 1/8 -to- 3 7/16 inches
  • If your earpiece is oblong or oval shaped, measure the width and height, then average those values to determine the circular cushion that will conform to your earpiece shape
  • These leather like cushions can easily replace your worn out headphone and headset cushions
  • Why replace your favorite headphones when you can just replace those old crumbling and degraded cushions?
  • Packaged with 2 leatherette ear cushions per plastic bag

90mm Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2 • Part No. LEC90

Each bag contains 2 black leatherette headphone ear cushions for an easy replacement

  • Fits many popluar DJ style Headphones with an earpiece that is about 3 1/8 inches to 3 7/16 inches in diameter
  • These cushions are made to fit onto an earpiece that is between 3.127 inches and 3.46inches in diameter (between 80 and 88mm)
  • Will fit an earpiece that is oval so if you stretch in the vertical direction, it will narrow equally in width

Many of the headphone and headset manufacturers anticipate that your ear cushions will eventually degrade. They anticipate that most will replace their headphone or headset, rather than replace individual headphone parts. That's why most headphone companies do not offer a list of headphone parts. Now you can easily restore your existing headphone or headset back to like new condition, just by installing new ear cushions.

Three Methods to Determine the Average Diameter of Your Earpiece

We recommend that you follow these instructions when replacing your existing headphone cushions:

  • Carefully remove the degraded leatherette (or foam) cushion from the headphone so that you can make a measurement of the earpiece
  • Most headphones have a speaker element with a foam or leatherette cushion wrapped around the earpiece
  • The leatherette cushions we offer have a thin flap that usually will stretch around the earpiece and fit into a thin groove behind the front of the earpiece
  • Measure the edge-to-edge distance across the actual earpiece to determine the diameter
  • We must emphasize that you measure the earpiece itself and not the old cushion because our sizing tables are based on the earpiece size
  • If the shape of your headset earpiece is oval, you will have to determine the average diameter
  • Although our cushions are circular, they can be used on oval earpieces
  • Keep in mind that as you stretch the cushion in the vertical direction it will narrow equally in the horizontal direction, and vice versa
  • That is why you average the vertical and horizontal sizes to accurately determine the fit for an oval shaped earpiece
  • You can figure out the average diameter by adding the vertical to the horizontal measurements and the divide by 2
  • Example: Vertical size 3 7/8 inches; Horizontal width 2 7/8 inches
  • Converting that to a decimal would be 3.875 vertically and 2.875 inches horizontally
  • Adding those values (equals 6.75), then dividing by 2 results in an average of 3.375 - In fractions that is 3 3/8 inches
  • Compare your average diameter measurement to our cushion size ranges to determine which cushion will fit the best
  • From the above example, the 3 3/8 inch (3.375 inch) earpiece falls in the range between 3 1/8 inches to 3 7/16 inches, matching the 90 mm sized LEC90 cushion
  • A 3 1/8 to 3 7/16 inch range is the same as 3.127 to 3.46 inches
  • The metric equivalent range requires the earpiece average diameter to be between 80 and 88 mm in size

Side View of Standard Headphone Earpiece

Restore older headphones and headsets to like-new condition - It is better to recycle than to replace

  • Ear pad cushions are easily removed and replaced to breath new life into your old favorite headphones and headsets
  • Each of the ear cushions are sold in bags of 2 pieces
  • It is always best to verify the correct size first, by measuring the diameter of your existing earpiece
  • Use our new leatherette cushions to replace your old worn and torn original foam or leatherette earpad cushions
  • Our leatherette earpads are designed to cushion the headphone earpieces, making them comfortable to wear
  • You can replace foam earpads with leatherette headphone cushions if you want to upgrade your headphones
  • Unlike many of the other headphone parts re-sellers, we actually stock these items in our Florida fulfillment center, so you can count on a quick delivery
  • We often supply our products to training facilities, schools, call centers, hospitals, clinics, libraries
  • Our prices are factory direct, and all wishing to re-sell these items can purchase them in large quantities to obtain a re-seller discount

Do you have cushions to fit my particular brand of headphones?

  • We do not have a complete database of all the headphones that are made and sold
  • Most headphone manufacturers do not provide parts so they generally will not list their size specifications
  • That's why we suggest that each individual take the time to properly measure their own earpiece before placing their order
  • Please let us know of your your headphone or headset compatibility and we will be happy to share that sizing information for the future

Product Composition

The leatherette headphone cushions are made out of PVC material that is synthetically made to look like a breathable leather. A polyurethane coating helps to maintain a soft outer finish that is quite flexible. These simulated leather headset cushions are slightly higher in quality (and made to last longer) than the original cushions on most older headphones. The simulated leather material is hypoallergenic and completely latex free. No heavy metals are used in the production of the headphone cushions and they are RoHS compliant. Following their manufacture, these headphone cushions are grouped in pairs and they are sold in a zippered styled plastic bag.


2 Leatherette Ear Cushions per Bag
Earpiece Size Inches
3 1/8 to 3 7/16 inches
Earpiece Size mm
80 to 88mm
Reclosable bag
circular or oval
  • Ed - 07/13/23

    13th Jul 2023

    Great Customer Service

    Have an old expensive headset that I enjoy using. Over time the ear pads had basically disintegrated. Did an on-line search and selected Scan Sound from several. Turns out they sent an incorrect pair of replacements. I contacted them via email with the issue. Within an hour a representative of the company contacted me by phone. Asked me to send several pics. The following day they contacted me back with an apology and sent a replacement pair. They were easy to put on, fit great and feel and look better than the originals. I seldom ever write reviews but based on the great service I did.

  • Bob

    19th Aug 2021

    Product fit the earphones perfectly

    Ear holes seemed to be smaller than ear and foam was a bit stiff but not terribly so they could not be used,

  • Marco

    19th Oct 2020

    Best replacement for the Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition

    I need a replacement cushion for my Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition and the LEC90 leatherette cushions fitted perfectely. Great Quality and very comfortable.

  • Alva X

    19th Oct 2020

    Seems Better Than My Original Ear Cushions

    I have to say first that I dont have the gratest isight, so i kindof expected that it might be a real problem for me. Well it really wasnt that bad to be honest with you. The second one went on even easyier than the first, so i guess i just had to get used to how you hold it in place. Be patient as you work it around the ear piece, thats all i can say. The company was tops and sent the cushion pretty fast really. Inexpensive when you compare how much it would have cost to replace my old cans. Now there as good as new (or better). ;-) Thank you for what you do and keep up the good work.

  • Jim

    19th Oct 2020

    Product was perfect fit.

    I needed replacement earpads for my RCA WHP150 Stereo Wireless Headset. The speaker oval measures 3 5/16", or about 85.mm. Mr. Barry Leeper, representing Scan Sound, recommended these 90 mm pads and they fit perfectly. I could not get any help from RCA product support, so was so glad to find this source as well as a most helpful representative.

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