Reusable Cotton Fabric Headphone Covers (Black), Bag of 2

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Fabric Headphone Covers (Black), Reusable Soft Cotton, Bag of 2 • Part No. FHCB

  • Fabric headphone covers are made of soft cotton material and have an elastic opening to fit on headphones
  • Each order consists of 1 bag of 2 black cotton stretchable headphone covers.
  • The cotton fabric material feels soft and comfortable against your ears
  • These fabric covers are Ideal for pilot headsets; They improve the comfort of most headphones, especially when temperatures and humidity change significantly
  • The cotton fabric headset covers can be used repeatedly and they are MACHINE WASHABLE
  • These fabric covers can be placed over degrading earpiece cushions
  • Work very well as a substitute for hard to find replacement cushions
  • These are not made for small Logitech call-center style headphones because they fit on headphone earpieces that are larger than 3-inches in diameter and smaller than 4 3/4 inches in diamteter

Machine Washable Fabric Headphone Covers (black), Bag of 2 • Part No. FHCB

These covers were made for regular daily use. They will certainly hold up for a long period, so if you don't want to go through the process of removing your old headphone cushion, and need to salvage an older headphone that has a deteriorating cushion, this fabric cover will be a perfect solution.

This fabric material is user friendly and has an an elasticized inside material that will help to hold the cover onto your headphone earpiece. They have a nice soft cotton feel and they are free of any latex materials. In fact, these are a perfect solution for those who are sensitive to wearing a regular pair of headphones. The fabric cover will give you a feel of nice soft woven cotton against your ears.

The inside elastic material is about 3-inches and the outer material is about 3 3/4-inches when the headphone cover is relaxed, before being installed.

Each order consists of a pair of the stretchable fabric covers, making it suitable for one headphone.

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2 per bag
2 Fabric Headphone Covers per bag

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