Apple Compatible Earphone Adapter for Landline Telephones (CTIA 4-PIN TRRS 3.5mm to 2.5mm 3-PIN TRS)

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Model AH2P • Earphone Adapter for Use with Office and Home Landline Telephones

Your Apple Compatible Earphone will now be able to Plug into a Landline Desk Telephone or Home Portable Cordless Phone Jack. So if you no longer use those earphones with your iPhone, they still can be used with your desk phone or portable phones.

  • The AH2P Adapter has a female jack to accept AHJ or CTIA compatible earphone headsets
  • The female jack accepts a 4-pin TRRS 3.5mm male plug and the opposite end plug has a 3-conductor TRS male 2.5mm plug that will fit most home and office landline phones
  • The AH2P adapter will enable your iPhone compatible earphone to connect with most home or office phones that have a 2.5mm jack
  • We developed this adapter to allow direct connection from existing iPhone compatible wired earphones so they can plug into the 2.5mm jack found on many home phones and cordless telephones
  • Most iPhone compatible earphones will allow you to speak over a landline phone with this special audio adapter
  • Compatible with CTIA (Apple Headset Jack) standard earphone headsets with a built-in microphone and 4-conductor TRRS plug
  • We have a similar model adapter that is made for OTMP configured headset earphones, so if your headset earphone is one of the older Samsung compatible models that does not work with the Apple iPhone, then you may want to order our SH2P adapter.

Shown Below is a Photo of the AH2P Adapter Plugged into a 2.5mm Portable Telephone Jack

AH2P Plugged into Portable Phone

This adapter will enable you to connect any of our (Apple compatible) earphones to your desk telephone or cordless landline telephone. The Apple Headset Jack (AHJ) is CTIA compatible. If you have a earphone or headphone with a built-in microphone, and they were Apple/CTIA  compatible, then you would be able to use it with the AH2P adapter to make phone calls, hearing the conversation in your earpiece and speak into the microphone.

If you have a wired earphone that has a built-in mike, and you want to use that with your desk telephone or cordless telephone, this adapter will accept the 4-conductor 3.5mm male plug of your earphone and allow you to plug the adapter into the 2.5mm jack of your telephone as shown above. This adapter is configured to work with AHJ (Apple Headset Jack) configured earphones so you can plug them into your telephone jack. The AHJ compatible earphones have a built-in microphone and a 4-conductor TRRS Apple configuration plug. If your earphones work with Apple iPhones or the iPhone standard, then you will be able to plug them into your telephone with this adapter.

NOTE: Most earphones with built-in mike are made to work with the Apple iPhone standard. These include all the earphones that are made by our company; Scan Sound. Those earphones that are made to connect with the older Samsung (OTMP) standard configuration will require that you order our SH2P adapter. The Samsung (OTMP) configuration plugs have wiriring for the microphone connected differently, so it is important to know if your earphones are the Apple compatible type before placing your order.

Customer feedback is often a significant factor when it comes to the things that we develop at Scan Sound. Customers had been ordering some of our adapters and when questioning them why they ordered a particular adapter, we found many were trying to come up with a way to use their cell phone earphone with their home or office telephone. We did some checking and tinkered around with the phone connections and found that we were able to come up with an adapter that seems to do the trick. Keep in mind that this adapter has connections that are made to work with iPhone compatible earphones. The iPhone earphones have an inline microphone and a 4-conductor TRRS plug using the AHJ connections standard. The iPhone compatible earphones will make the correct connections so the earphone hears the audio and the microphone can be heard over the phone to communicate with a home or office telephones that has a 2.5mm jack.

You are certainly welcomed to order our AH2P adapter and give it a try with your own telephone. We have been using one of these adapters now for some time with our Scan Sound earphones and they work well with most home and office telephones that have the 2.5mm jack. They connect very well with our phones so that we can converse hands-free with customers when the phone rings. You just plug your headset into the adapter, and then plug the other end of the adapter into the 2.5mm jack of your telephone. That's all there is to it. Then when you want to initiate a call, you simply click on the talk feature on your phone and dial the person you want to speak with. Similarly, you can answer the phone by touching the talk button. You may have to get used to the earpiece being situated in your ear, but it is certainly a lot more comfortable than holding the telephone to your ear all day long.

You will find that most office and home phones that have a jjack size that is smaller than most earphones plugs. Telephones have a 2.5mm 3-conductor jack, and most earphones have a larger 3.5mm plug. Therefore you need an adapter that will reduce the size and configure the connections to work with the microphone and earphone earpieces of your earphone so you can hear telephone conversations and speak to telephone callers. Your headset will have a 4-conductor 3.5mm plug and we configured the adapter to work with the kinds of earphones that are CTIA compatible. That means that they adhere to the same AHJ (American Headset Jack) standard that is used on the original iPhone corded earphone headsets. Our adapter is configured to accept your 3.5mm 4-conductor plug, and then plug into the 2.5mm jack size on your phone. It makes the proper microphone and headphone connections with most home and office telephone systems.

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Jack Type
3.5mm 4-Cond
Plug Type
2.5mm 3-Cond
Plug Plating
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Slim Straight
  • Marco Nerone

    28th Jul 2021

    Earphone Adapter for Landline Telephones (CTIA 4-PIN TRRS 3.5mm to 2.5mm 3-PIN TRS)

    The product appears to be okay, although there may be connectivity issues at times.

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