3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) to 2.5mm 4-Conductor TRRS (Male Plug) Adapter

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3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) to 2.5mm 4-Conductor (Male Plug) Adapter • Part No. CRD-SML

Part Number CRD-SML Plug Connections

FAQ 1: Can I use this to plug my Apple earphones into my wireless telephone or desktop office phone system 2.5mm audio jack?

Answer: No; The adapter needed to connect from your Apple or CTIA 4-conductor plug earphone or headphone (with a built-in microphone) would be our AH2P adapter.

FAQ 2: Can I use this CRD-LRG adapter to plug my old Samsung or Android OTMP corded earphone into my Desktop Telephone system or my Wireless Telephone that has a 2.5mm audio jack?

Answer: No; Unfortunately this adapter is not compatible with most telephones.  Many older headphones with a 4-conductor plug that were made for Android phones, including the Samsung cell phones, used a different wiring configuration known as OTMP, so you would need our SH2P Adapter to connect those earphones or headsets to your desktop phone system or home/office type of portable telephones. 

FAQ 3: What adapter would I need if I wanted to connect my old iPhone earphones or iPhone compatible headphones to my cordless phone or desktop telephone that I have in my home office so I can communicate easily without holding the phone to my ear?

Answer: You would need our Model AH2P Apple Compatible Earphone Adapter for Landline Telephones.

Features of the CRD-SML Adapter:

  • Allows you to reduce the plug size to connect 3.5mm 4-Conductor male plug devices into a jack that accepts a 2.5mm plug.
  • The wiring is pin-for-pin the same, but just reduces the plug size.
  • Adapter will convert 4-conductor 3.5mm plug sizes to fit into 2.5mm size jacks
  • Enables users with a standard 4-conductor headset earphone to listen to music or other audio content from a device that has a 2.5mm audio jack
  • NOTE: As indicated in the FAQ's above, this adapter will NOT convert your earphone or headphone to work with your desktop telephone or cordless telephone - If you are looking to connect an AHS Apple or CTIA compatible headset to a landline telephone, please view our Model AH2P HERE.

3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) to 2.5mm 4-Conductor (Male Plug) Adapter • Part No. CRD-SML

Part Number CRD-SML audio adapter

Our CRD-SML (cord-small) adapter accepts a 4-conductor 3.5mm male plug and will pass the signals through to a 4-conductor 2.5 mm plug

Here are some of the features of our CRD-SML 4-cond 3.5mm to 4-cond 2.5mm adapter:

  • 3.5mm female jack accepts a standard 4-conductor smart phone type of headset plug
  • Designed to connect with audio equipment that accept a 2.5mm 4-conductor male plug
  • Converter adapter is made for audio devices that have a 2.5mm headphone jack (NOTE: we recommend our AH2P or SH2P adapters for landline telephones)
  • TRRS 3.5mm female jack to TRRS 2.5mm male plug adapter 
  • Enables connection of many 3.5mm plug headset earphones to devices which have a 2.5mm headset jack
  • May be useful for older Motorola and Samsung phones that have a 2.5mm 4-conductor headset jack
  • Total length from plug tip to jack end is 5-inches or 12.5 cm
  • Black color
  • Connect 3.5mm plugs to 2.5mm jacks (no conversion)
  • Lightweight quick and easy installation
  • Brand new, packaged in zip plastic bags

If you have a 4-conductor headset plug and need to mate that with a 2.5mm 4-conductor audio jack, this is the adapter cable to make that happen.. There is no conversion within the cable, and it is a straight 4-conductor 3.5mm to 4-conductor 2.5mm connection.

  • Simple connectivity - Allows you to use your favorite 3.5mm headset earphone with some 2.5mm jack mobile phones, PDA, IPAQ, MP3, MP4 players or audio player devices that have a 2.5mm jack
  • Many Motorola cell phones have a 2.5mm jack that is smaller in size than the standard 3.5mm plugs so it is often hard to find a headset earphone for those phones.
  • NOTE: This adapter is NOT compatible with most portable home telephones
    - We have a different adapters (model AH2P or SH2P) for use with cordless phones and telephones in the home and office

NOTE: We recommend our AH2P or SH2P adapters for home/office style telephones, like the type shown below:

Desktop Telephones Thumbnail Image

Jack Type
3.5mm 4-Cond
Plug Type
2.5mm 4-Cond
Plug Plating
Plug Style
90-Degree Slim

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