OTMP Earphone to Landline Phone Adapter for Samsung Earphones - 4-Pin TRRS to 3-Pin TRS Adapter

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OTMP Earphone to Landline Phone Adapter for Samsung Earphones • Part No. SH2P

Adapter will connect a Samsung Compatible earphone plug to most 2.5mm landline telephone jacks

  • This adapter is compatible with older Samsung earphones, like those used with Galaxy 4 and other older Samsung devices
  • Users who have the older Samsung earphones have an inline microphone that is considered to be OTMP compatible and they should order this SH2P configured adapter if they want to connect to a home or office telephone
  • The SH2P Audio Adapter Accepts the OTMP 4-conductor 3.5mm earphone plug and adapts it to plug into a home or office telephone that has a 2.5mm jack
  • Please keep in mind that it is not always possible to predict how loud the sound will be in each headset, because each of the phones and headsets vary widely in their own individual sound levels
  • Use your OTMP Compatible (Samsung) standard earphone headsets with a built-in microphone and 4-conductor TRRS plug
  • If your headset earphone is CTIA/AHJ Apple compatible, then you should order our AH2P adapter

Adapter Connects Earphones (With Built-in Mike) to 2.5mm 3-conductor Telephone Jack • Part No. SH2P

This adapter will enable you to connect any of the older (OTMP Samsung compatible) earphones to your desk telephone or cordless landline phone. Prior to the Galaxy 5 models, Samsung used the OTMP wiring standard with their earphones, and those OTMP earphones may be connected to desk and cordless telephones that have a 2.5mm phone jack with this type of SH2P configured adapter. The OTMP compatible adapter will allow Samsung smartphone earphones to connect with a telephone jack so that the internal microphone and earphone earpieces can make the appropriate connections with home and office phones. If your wired earphone is Apple compatible, you will want to order our AH2P adapter because this adapter is configured to work with OTMP (Samsung compatible) earphone standard with a 4-conductor TRRS 3.5mm male plug.

NOTE: Most earphones with built-in mike (including the Scan Sound earphones) are made to work with the Apple iPhone standard. and will only work with the AH2P adapter. The Samsung (OTMP) configuration plugs have reversed wiring for the microphone audio from the AHJ standard, so it is important to know if your earphones are the Apple compatible or Samsung compatible before placing your order.

Customer feedback is often a significant factor when it comes to the things that we develop at Scan Sound. Many of our customers were ordering adapters to try and connect with their home or office telephones. We did some checking and tinkered around with the phone connections and found that there were two different earphone configurations and we found a way to make adapters for both. The SH2P adapter shown here is the one that works with the older Samsung (OTMP) standard. The OTMP standard is being phased out by Samsung as they have moved towards the more popular CTIA (Apple Headset Jack) standard, so if your Samsung earphone was an older type, this SH2P adapter may be the right one for you.

Most office and home phones that have a 2.5mm (smaller) jack size and earphones typically have a 3.5mm (larger) plug, so an adapter is needed for the size. Additionally, the wiring has to be configured so the microphone and earphone earpieces of your earphone will allow you to hear and speak to telephone callers. This SH2P adapter is OTMP compatible, so it does not work with the Apple compatible earphones. We have the Apple compatible earphone adapter and that is known as the AH2P adapter, so be sure that you are ordering the one that is configured for your particular type of headset earphone.

Country of Manufacture
Jack Type
3.5mm 4-Cond
Plug Type
2.5mm 3-Cond
Plug Plating
Plug Style
Slim Straight
OTMP Only (Not Compatible with CTIA and Apple Headset Earphones)

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