3.5mm 3-Conductor (Male Plug) to 3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) Headset Adapter

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3.5mm 3-Conductor (Male Plug) to 3.5mm 4-conductor (Female Jack) Headset Adapter
Part No.: UNC-LRG

TRS 3.5mm 3-Conductor Male Plug to TRRS 4-Conductor Female Jack Headset Adapter

  • Adapt your 4-conductor 3.5mm male plug headset to correctly mate with a standard 3.5mm 3-conductor stereo female audio jack
  • The TRRS (tip ring ring sleeve) female jack is wired according to the CTIA standard, commonly used by Apple wired heaset earbuds
  • The male plug of this adapter is a standard 3.5mm 3-conductor TRS stereo plug
  • The female jack end of this adapter is a 4-conductor 3.5mm TRRS jack

3.5mm 3-Conductor (Male Plug) to 3.5mm 4-Conductor (Female Jack) Headset Adapter • Part No.: UNC-LRG

Adapter converts 3.5mm 4-Pin TRRS headset plug to connect with 3-Pin female TRS jack audio devices

  • Adapter has a 3-conductor male TRS 3.5mm male plug on one end and a 4-conductor TRRS 3.5mm female jack on the other end
  • Enables headsets such as the Bose Quiet Comfort series 4-conductor 3.5mm male plug headsets to be adapted for use with 3.5mm TRS airplane seat stereo jacks so you can correctly hear both channels of audio
  • Enables a 4-conductor headset to hear the audio from a 3-conductor iPod MP3 player and other stereo audio devices
  • This adapter is made to work with iPhone compatible wired headsets with a 4-conductor TRRS plug that uses the CTIA wire standard
  • The slim adapter can be left connected to your headset plug for each time you will use and it because the adapter is narrow and will fit through most equipment cases

Part Number UNC-LRG TRRS-to-TRS adapter is Wired According to the CTIA and AHJ (American Headset Jack) Standard
There are two different headset wiring standards so it is important to know whether your earphone headset is CTIA (AHJ) compatible or OTMP compatible. Our TRRS-to-TRS 4-conductor-to-3-conductor adapter is configured to work with the CTIA compatible headsets. Apple wired their headsets according to the CTIA standard, (also referred to as the AHJ, American Headset Jack standard). Nokia and many of the Samsung devices prior to the Samsung Galaxy 5 were wired according to the OTMP standard.

The following device headsets are CTIA and AHJ compatible, so they will work with our UNC-LRG and CRD-LRG adapters: Android cellular phones, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy 5, Blackberry, HTC, Thunderbolt, Google Nexus, Google Pixel, Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia, Toshiba Excite, Lenovo Thinkpad, LG G Pad, Nvidia Shield, Acer Switch, Asus MeMo, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft Surface, HP Slatebook, Razer Edge and Lenovo IdeaTabwere. All of these devices use the sleeve of the 4-conductor plug to connect the microphone and push-button switch. This sleeve connection is eleminated inside the female jack of this adapter.

This is the normal wiring for OTMP and AHJ headphones, going from the Tip to the Sleeve

Female Jack
Male Plug
Tip Left Audio Left Audio Tip
Ring 1 Right Audio Right Audio Ring 1
Ring 2 Mic/Push-Button Ground Ring 2
Sleeve Ground Mic/Push-Button Not Connected

As shown in the above table, our UNC-LRG adapter eliminates the connection from the sleeve of the 4-conductor female jack. The UNC-LRG adapter will not pass the connection from the sleeve to any of the 3-conductors of the male 3.5mm 3-conductor plug. Those headsets wired with the CTIA and AHJ standard will find that the  microphone and push-button switch connections will not be used. Any headsets wired to the OTMP standard may not function correctly, because the UNC-LRG adpater does not connect the sleeve connection that is the common ground connections for those headsets. If you have an older Samsung cellular phone (prior to the Galaxy 5 version) or a Nokia phone, the UNC-LRG adapter may not work for you.

Please see the downloadable file titled "TRRS-to-TRS Adapter Details" at the bottom of the web page. This drawing contains a graphic view of the UNC-LRG internal connections and how they are routed to the pins of the 3-conductor male plug.

Customers buying this item may also be interested in the CRD-LRG adapter. The CRD-LRG adapter uses the same wiring as the UNC-LRG, however the CRD-LRG adapter consists of plug and jack with a short flexible cord between them.

This TRRS-to-TRS adapter was made to overcome these symptoms:

SYMPTOM 1: You are trying to use your headset with a stereo audio device (such as an MP3 player). You find that inserting the plug all the way into the jack prevents the sound from coming through loud and clear. You pull the plug out of the jack slightly and then the audio comes through loud and clear. Once you push the plug in all the way, the sound cuts out again, but pulling the plug out slightly seems to make the audio come through perfectly.

SYMPTOM 2: You plug your headset into an audio jack and find that you only get proper sound when pressing the push-button switch. See the downloadable file at the bottom of this web page titled "Why You Must Press on the Headset Button for Audio"

There is nothing wrong with your headset earphone and the problem occurs because ot the way your 4-conductor headset plug incorectly mates with the 3-conductor stereo audio jack. Most stereo audio devices are designed to accept a 3-pin male plug with a 3.5mm (1/8-inch) size plug. So when try to plug in a 4-conductor headset earphone into your 3-conductor jack, it fails to mate properly with the internal audio connections for the left and right audio channels. Our adapter will conver the 4-conductor plug to plug into the 3-conductor jacks.

Audio Adapter accepts 4-conductor (3-ring) 3.5mm plug, and has a 3-conductor (2-ring) plug to go into your standard stereo audio devices. This will enable you to use iPhone compatible headsets with iPod and other types of MP3 players and most stereo audio devices. The 3 conductors utilized are the left and right audio and common ground connection. The microphone audio becomes disabled.

NOTE: This adapter is NOT designed for use with home telephone systems or home cordless telephones.

NOTE: Some customers thought the adapter wasn't working, and it turned out that they were not pushing their headset plug all the way into the adapter jack. Be sure to push your earphone plug in completely so there is no gap between the plug and the adapter. The earphone plug will snap, and the plug will rest flush against the gold surface of the adapter when it is fully engaged. See Picture showing the fully seated plug.

Jack Type
3.5mm 4-Cond
Plug Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating
Plug Style

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