4-Conductor 3.5mm Splitter Adapter for Mic and Headphone

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4-Conductor 3.5mm Splitter Adapter for Mic and Headphone • Part No. SPTM1

    • This is a TRRS 4-Conductor adapter that will split the microphone and headphone audio into 2 different jacks
    • Made for use with Apple iPhone compatible 4-Conductor audio jacks
    • CTIA and AHJ compatible 3.5mm 4-conductor TRRS male plug is able to split the stereo audio from the microphone
    • May be used to split the stereo audio and microphone inputs into a 4-conductor TRRS jack, such as those on most laptops, so you can have an external microphone for SKYPE, Zoom, and YouTube videos when setting up to create Podcasts, chat sessions, consulting from home, and business videos, enabling you to connect the audio to the headphone part of the jack and an external microphone to the microphone part of the jack
    • May be used with a computer headset that has a separate red and green 3.5mm plug, when connecting to an iPhone or Mac computer
    • Break out the 4-Conductor connections of the iPhone jack to connect with different audio equipment, such as a microphone or 3-conductor stereo headphone
SPTM1 TRRS CTIA Audio Splitter

4-Conductor 3.5mm Splitter Adapter for Mic and Headphone • Part No. SPTM1

The SPTM1 has a 3.5mm 4-Conductor Male Plug that Splits the Microphone and Headphone Connections

  • Break out the connections of 4-conductor audio jacks that accept the iPhone wired headphones
  • Split out the 3.5mm headset jack and connect a headphone and microphone to the individual jacks
  • Headphone / microphone splitter for Apple laptops and Apple iPhones
  • Allows separate connections from a microphone and headphone, earphone or speakers
  • If you are trying to connect different equipment together, this adapter may be just what you’re looking for
  • The male 4-conductor 3.5mm male plug is wired according to the AHJ (American Headset Jack) standard with the Tip (Left), Sleeve (Right), Sleeve (Ground) and Inside Sleeve (Microphone) as shown in the attached diagrams
  • One female audio jack can accept connection from a microphone that has a 3.5mm male plug
  • The other audio jack can accept connection from a 3.5mm 3-conductor standard stereo headphone (or earphone) male plug
  • This adapter enables you to connect an earphone and microphone to a MacBook laptop to create your own Podcast
  • Connect an earphone and microphone to your MacBook so you can make Skype calls
  • Break out the 4-Conductor TRRS connector for any special project or custom equipment
  • Can be used to connect external amplified speakers to your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • The red female jack accepts any microphone with a 3.5mm male audio plug
  • The green female jack accepts any headphone, earphone or speakers with a 3.5mm male plug
  • Connect to XBox
  • Enables you to convert dual-plug headphones with 3-conductor TRS to newer computers which have a combo headphone/mic jack 4-conductor TRRS jack
Country of Manufacture
Jack Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Type
3.5mm 4-Conductor TRRS
Plug Plating

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