1-BUD Stereo-to-Mono Converter

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1-BUD stereo-to-mono converter • Part No: 1BUD-S2MA

Description: 1-BUD® Stereo-to-Mono Converter

  • Convert any existing stereo earphone so it will work like our 1-BUD earphones, mixing the left and right audio channels together
  • Enables those with loss of hearing in one ear to convert their own favorite stereo earphone into a 1-BUD type of earphone
  • Insert the converter between your earphone (or headphone) and the audio jack of your choice
  • If you connect the adapter to a stereo jack, your earphones (or headphones) will hear the mixed audio of the left and right stereo channels, identically to both of your earpieces

CLICK HERE to view/download printable 1BUD-S2MA product literature

1-BUD stereo-to-mono converter • Part No: 1BUD-S2MA

Description: 1-BUD® Stereo-to-Mono Converter

  • Take advantage of our patented 1-BUD® technology to convert your existing headphones or earphones so you'll hear both audio channels combined
  • Simple and Easy to Use - Just plug your 3-conductor stereo earphone or headphone into the female jack of the converter; then plug the converter into the earphone of your audio device
  • If you have a favorite earphone that you want to use as a single-ear stereo earphone in place of one of our earphones, this adapter will enable you to cut off one of your stereo earphones and then when you use this adapter, you will hear both audio channels in that one earpiece
  • Listen to one earphone of any existing headphone or earphone without missing any of the stereo sound
  • Use this converter with any stereo audio device, such as mp3-players, tablets, computers, radios, televisions, cell phones or other audio sources
  • The resulting audio will be a mix of the left and right audio channels
  • Electronically mixes the left and right channels together - There are no other converters anything like this, because it contains our own patented circuit.
  • in theory, you could use this adapter with any headphone or earphone
  • Unlike many other types of adapters, this converter does not short together the audio channels so it is perfectly safe to use with every type of audio circuit

If you are put into situations when you can only use one earpiece, but you don't want to miss the sound from one of the existing audio channels, this converter will work perfectly for you. Keep in mind that in order to use this adapter correctly, you should be plugging a 3-conductor audio plug into the adapter jack. If you plug a 2-conductor mono plug into the jack, the sleeve of your 2-conductor plug will actually short out the audio, so no sound will be heard in your headphone or earphone.

We currently offer numerous 1-BUD earphones and they all have a patented mixing circuit so you can hear the LEFT and RIGHT channels in a single earpiece. This converter will enable you do the same thing, but you can choose any headphone or earphone that you may already own, or even a style we don't currently offer. This converter uses the same 1-BUD® technology circuit and it is embedded right inside the 1BUD-S2MA adapter.

Country of Manufacture
Jack Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating
Plug Style
  • Malcolm

    17th Sep 2023


    My elderly Dad is blind and deaf in one ear and loves to listen to music and audiobooks through headphones which can sit over his hearing aid. The problem is he misses some of the audio due to stereo broadcast. This adapter has proved absolutely brilliant in enabling him to listen to all his favourite things without any audio loss. Cannot recommend this converter enough nor the helpful staff. Couldn't find anything like this in the UK so grateful this company does international shipping.

  • Lawrence Davidson

    1st Jun 2021

    1-Bud Stereo to Mono Converter

    I have been deaf in one ear since age 5. This product provides me with the ability to enjoy new technology (smart TV) which seems to ignore people such as me. I m very pleased with it.

  • John Yates

    24th Mar 2021


    Excellent product, works perfectly. Just plug it into my PC headphone output, plug my headphones into the converter and stereo is converted to mono. I'm very pleased with it.

  • Phil Arnold

    14th Feb 2021


    I lost all hearing in one ear. This lets me use high quality Sennheiser headphones and hear all sound in one ear with great fidelity.

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