1-BUD Single-Ear Stereo Earbud (Brown)

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1-BUD Single-Ear Stereo Earbud (Brown) • Part No. 1-BUD-B

  • This is a single-sided earphone with a stereo plug so you can listen to sound in one ear without losing either channel from a stereo source
  • The coloring was meant to help users conceal that they are using an earphone, by being less visible against the skin
  • This earpiece has our original 1-BUD style that we refer to as the 1-BUD Classic style earpiece, and it fits in either the left or right ear
  • The earpiece has a white colored silicone rubber eartip that helps to comfortably hold the earpiece in the ear at the same time that it helps to block out nearby noise, so you can hear clearly hear the audio
  • The earphone has a slim-styled 3-conductor angled stereo plug for use with most all types of audio devices, including MP3 players, computers, laptops, and various other portable devices
  • The audio plug has a gold-plated plug surface to minimize oxidization make an excellent connection when you plug it into your audio device (just remember to remove the protective plastic cap on the gold-plated plug before using the earphone for the first time).

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1-BUD single-ear stereo earbud (brown) • Part No. 1-BUD-B

  • Wonderful sound with enhanced bass and beautiful clarity
  • The cord is very durable, highly flexible and is easy to roll-up and unwind when needed
  • The stereo sound can be heard from both stereo audio channels in one single earbud earpiece
  • This is one of our Gold-Series earphones, because of its highly durable flexible cord and gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Comfortably worn in either the left or right ear
  • Compatible with nearly all audio devices, including Apple iPod, iPad, tablets, mp3 players, DVD players, CD players, smart phones, many cell phones, tape recorders, radios, TV sets and just about any device with a standard audio jack
  • Great for joggers, runners, bicyclists, skaters, drivers and pedestrians to safely listen to audio content while remaining acutely aware of surrounding activities
  • Some company employees are restricted to 1 earphone use and they have applauded the 1-BUD earbuds as the perfect solution for on-the-job listening

Comfort and Fit of the Earpiece

Our very first 1-BUD earphones used this same style and it became known as our 1-BUD classic style earpiece. The earbud earpiece is small in size and very comfortable for those with just about any ear size. It comes with a white colored medium size eartip on the earphone. We also offer additional eartip sizes, enabling users to optionally change the eartip size to customize the fit for their own ear. Some people might prefer the small size eartip to position the earpiece deeper in their ear so it will also help hold it in place for children and adults with a very small ear canal.

Ten-Point Audio Characteristics (Based on Comparisons With Our Other Earphones)

Loudness Factor 10
High Frequencies 5
Mid-Frequencies 9
Bass Frequencies  10

We Design Our Own Earphones and Here are Some of the Special Characteristics

This earphone coloring was meant to help users by making the earbud less noticed and we felt that the light brown coloring would blend well universally for most skin tones. Many users wanted an earphone that was a little more covert, and less visible so they could use the earphone at work without the earphone being noticed. Originally, our earlier model, known as the 1-BUD-S was tan colored and over time the color evolved and became slightly darker, so we changed the name to “1-BUD-Brown” and its part number became “1-BUD-B”. We also offer a nearly identical model that is black colored, and it is known as the 1-BUD-Gold.

The 4-foot long cord is specially made with materials that contribute to its overall durability and flexibility. The flexibility factor enables you to easily roll-up and unwind and the cord without any "cord memory". This flexibility also makes it possible for users to freely move about or tap the cord without causing any sound reverberations in their ear. The 3-conductor 3.5mm stereo plug is gold-plated to prevent oxidization and it also ensures that your earphone will consistently make a positive, static-free connection inside the jack of your audio devices.

The 1-BUD-B earphone has a male 3.5mm (⅛-inch) 90-degree angled plug. The angled plug eliminates a lot of wear and tear issues and it makes the plug less vulnerable to damage. The 3.5mm plug size matches nearly all stereo audio devices. This earphone's patented design enables it to work equally well with all types of Mono or Stereo audio products so it is compatible with just about every audio device, including TV sets, radios, tape recorders, CD players, mp3 players, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and all Apple products, including the popular iPod, iPad and Mac computers. It works equally well with Android devices, PC laptops and desktop computers, so you can use it at work, at home or on the go.

The earphone comes standard with a white colored “medium” size eartip on the earphone, and we offer a variety of alternative eartip colors and sizes that will enable users to create the most attractive look and optimal fitting earpiece available. The 1-BUD is a fantastic earphone to safely enjoy your favorite music or audio content in 1 ear. All the sound in Only One Ear. You’ll never miss a beat.

The quality sound and sophistication of our Earphones is truly Impressive. Don't let our low price fool you. Unlike most of the companies you might buy earphones from, we design most of our own earphones and we sell them directly to customers to keep them affordable.

Light Brown
Cord Type
Round TPE Tangle-free Cord
Plug Style
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo Plug
Plug Plating
Cable Length
48 in (1.22 meters)
Reclosable Zip Bag
Noise Reduction Rating
20 dB
1 White Medium Size Eartip
Left Ear or Right Ear
Driver Size
Mono and Stereo
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
90-Day Limited Warranty

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