Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones with Individual Volume Controls on Each Earpiece

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Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones with Individual Volume Controls on Each Ear • Part No HP-085

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  • Excellent headphone for students, computer labs and audio visual use
  • These Headphones are comfortable for listening over a long period to really enjoy the great sound
  • A convenient switch on the headphones earpiece enables users to select either mono or stereo sound
  • These headphones are beneficial for those with a partial hearing loss
  • Each ear has its own volume control, enabling users to customize the sound to match their own hearing

Switchable stereo/mono headphones with individual volume controls per ear • Part No. HP-085

  • This headphone is one of our most versatile headphones and they can be adjusted to meet the needs of many different users
  • There are individual volume controls on each earpiece enabling users to hear true balanced audio
  • These quality headphones can fill the needs of computer labs, libraries, audio-visual labs, schools, language labs, training programs and they will work equally well for business and home users
  • The cushion pads help to cushion the headphones against the ears and block out noise
  • The headphones are ideally suited for those who suffer with a partial hearing loss
  • The independent volume controls found on each headphone earpiece allow users to compensate for the hearing differences between their left and right ear
  • Individuals with SSD (single sided deafness) and other hearing issues have found these headphones quite useful, especially a the headphone for mono sound (mixing both audio channels together) and then direct the sound to their one good ear by simply adjusting down the volume going to the other earpiece
  • These headphones will not interfere with most hearing aids because they will cup around the ear and accommodate assistive listening devices
  • These stereo/mono adjustable headphones may be used with many types of audio products
  • They come with an adapter for various plug and jack sizes enabling them to fit most any audio equipment
  • The sound adjustments on each earpiece make it possible for people with hearing differences from one ear to the other, to equalize music and achieve a perfect balance in both of their ears
  • This headphone totally eliminates the need for a stereo to mono adapter, however we do offer them
  • For shared headphone users, the stereo/mono switch and independent volume controls enables each user to configure the headphone for their own specific needs
  • Those suffering from tinnitus can independently adjust the level of audio in each ear to maintain a comfortable listening level
  • The headphones feature a padded adjustable headband and cushioned earpads that surround the ear to provide exceptional reduction in background noise
  • These adjustable headphones can function like one ear stereo headphones because the independent volume controls on each earpiece make it easy to customize hearing levels individually for each ear
  • 3.5mm (1/8-inch) sub-miniature audio plug and provided 1/4-inch adapter for universal connectivity
  • The headphone headband can be adjusted releasing tension of the earpieces against the ears, ensuring maximum comfort for extended use
  • Coiled cord is flexible and may be extended approximately 3 ½ feet
  • Electrodynamic mylar drivers produce sound in the 20hz to 18khz frequency spectrum
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB at 1000 Hz with 1 mw
  • Impedance: 32 ohms

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Keep in mind that Scan Sound also offers hygienic sanitary headphone covers that can be used to provide optimal headphone hygiene so the headphones can be shared among many different users. The covers are made of a non-woven synthetic material (spun bond polypropylene) and contain no latex. They come in two different colors and the large size is well suited for this Stereo/Mono Adjustable Headphone. The covers can then be disposed of and the material will degrade, so they are environmentally friendly.

These headphones are not something that you are likely to find in local stores, and by offering them online, we provide an opportunity for people to order them and have them delivered to their door. Scan Sound is sensitive to the needs of those who are hearing impaired, and we have an entire line of earphones and headphones that are well suited for single sided deafness, unilateral hearing loss, tinnitus, acoustic neuromas, partial hearing loss and for individuals to hear audio using a single-ear type of headphone or earphone. These products are part of our family of 1-BUD® single-ear stereo earphones.


Cable Length
Flexible Stretches to 3.5 ft
Mono and Stereo
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
32 Ohms
Plug Type
¼" phono plug w 3.5mm adapter
Plug Style
  • Mike K.

    19th Oct 2020

    Super for those with a partial hearing loss

    Your Adjustable Stereo / Mono Headphones really worked out well for me. I am partially deaf in one ear, and just don't hear quite as strongly the sounds on the left side. So I like the fact that this headphone lets you adjust the volume independently for each ear. That way I am able to get the right balance for true stereo sound. They seem like they will hold up quite well. I see that you have lots of other items for people with hearing issues. What a great idea.

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