Step-Down Power Adapter for 220V

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Step-Down Power Adapter for 220V • Part No: 220VSD

  • Step-down power adapter powers 120-volt equipment from a 220-volt source
  • Power the 110-volt stereo system from a 220-volt 50Hz AC power source
  • Rated to handle 500-Watts, and is ideal for the MRI stereo systems
  • Enables MRI stereo system use in countries that have 220-volt AC power

Step-Down Power Adapter for 220V • Part No: 220VSD

This power converter is designed to be shipped as an accessory for MRI stereo purchases that are going to International locations that have 220-volt 50Hz power outlets. The convertor is plugged into a 220-volt power source. The MRI stereo system equipment can plug into the convertor 120-volt outlets on the front of the power convertor.

  • Step Up : 110/117/120V AC to 220/230/240V AC 
  • Step down from : 220/230/240V AC to 110/117/120V AC 
  • Safety break switch to power on and protect from electric shock 
  • Two universal outlets for output in the front 
  • Comes with 2 spare fuses
MRI Patient Stereo
Plug Type
110-volt AC Plug
Power Requirements
220 Volt, 50 Hz
220v to 110v Power Conversion

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