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Earpads and Cushions for Logitech Headsets

Posted by Barry Leeper on 19th Sep 2020

EARPADS AND CUSHIONS FOR LOGITECH HEADSETSThis entry was posted on January 1, 2017 by Scan Sound.REPLACE THE FOAM EARPADS ON YOUR LOGITECH PREMIUM NOTEBOOK HEADSETBased on searches, customer inquiries and BLOG threads, it appears that it is very hard to find replacement pads and cushions for the Logitech Premium Notebook Headset, Model A-0445A and Logitech H555 Headsets. These headsets have a very thin foam covering over a rhomboid shaped earpiece. The foam begins to disintegrate and crumble over time, and it seems that there are no designated earpads or cushions made specifically to fit the Logitech headsets, so customers often must search high and low until they stumble upon our web site.We are happy to report that Scan Sound has two possible solutions that will enable users to restore t … read more