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Microphone Windscreen Details

Posted by Barry Leeper on 5th Dec 2020

Microphone Windscreen DetailsWe Offer Foam Windscreens for all Types of Microphones Headset Windscreens Podium Mikes Lapel Microphones Multimedia Headphones Desktop Microphones Windscreens will Refresh Your Microphones and Headsets and improve their audio performance with more distinct audio to clarify pops, clicks and hiss types of sounds at the same time that they will buffer wind SKU# MIK-95 Microphone Windscreen     As you can see from the above photos, the installation is really quite easy. For More Information and Details on the MIK-95 Microphone Windscreens CLICK HERE Frequently used by performers, singers, stand-up comics, etc. They fit onto most Ball-Style entertainment microphones and will help to temper the sound, reduce pop sounds, background noise … read more
 How to Determine Which Earpad or Cushion to Order

How to Determine Which Earpad or Cushion to Order

Posted by Barry Leeper on 24th Nov 2020

How to Determine Which Earpad or Cushion to Order The best way to find out which of our foam earpads and cushions will fit your headphones would be to make a measurement of your earpiece. When making your measurements, please keep in mind that it is best to measure the physical size of your headphone’s earpiece, not your old earpads or cushions. We have geared all our recommendations on the earpiece size. There are literally thousands of different makes and models of headphones and headsets. Customers will frequently contact us and ask what cushions are required for their specific headphones. Most of the time we have absolutely no idea, because the headphone manufacturers don’t supply the required details about their product models, sizes and shapes. Each year, new headphones are relea … read more

Disposable Headphone, Headset & Microphone Cover Details

Posted by Barry Leeper on 1st Nov 2020

Sharing of Headphones and Headsets Created a Need for Disposable CoversWhen we developed the first MRI Patient Stereo Sound Systems, the only headphones we offered resembled a stethoscope and they had little foam eartips that could be removed and replaced to provide a hygienic way for users to share the same MRI headphones. Later on, we introduced an earmuff style headphone which was very similar to the image shown below, We realized that new headphones were going to be repetitively used for MRI patients, and we would need some type of hygienic cover to protect each of the patients from having their skin come into direct contact with the earmuff style headphone earpieces. We later began to look for ways to provide some kind of protective covers for the these new earmuff style hea … read more

Foam Earpad and Leatherette Cushion Sizing Tables

21st Sep 2020

Foam Earpad and Leatherette Cushion Sizing TablesThis Table shows the Foam Earpad sizes and associated range of earpiece sizes Foam Earpad Part No. Metric Decimal Inches Inches Using Ruler 40mm Foam Earpad E-20 and E-20-4 24mm to 35mm .945 in to 1.38 inches 15/16 in. to 1 3/8 inches 50mm Foam Earpad F-30 and F-30-4 35mm to 44mm 1.38 in to 1.73 inches 1 3/8 in. to 1 3/4 inches Square Foam Earpad SQ50 35mm to 44mm 1.38 in to 1.73 inches 1 3/8 in. to 1 3/4 inches 60mm Foam Earpad D-60 and T-60 44.5mm to 56mm 1.75 in to 2.20 inches 1 3/4 in. to 2 3/16 … read more

Create A Quote

21st Sep 2020

Create A QuoteIf you would like to create a quotation or determine the cost of ordering some item(s) online, here are a few simple steps that you can complete on your own. These steps will allow you to view the total amount of an order and you can do this without making a purchase commitment. Select the quantity desired and add the items to the cartClick on Add to CartEnter in your Country, State, City and Zip Code, then click ESTIMATEChoose a shipping method and then click Update Shipping CostReview the total amount and print the page if you want a copy of the quoteWhen you are ready, you can proceed with your purchase Step 1: Select the Quantity and Add the Items to the Shopping CartView the items online that are of interest. There is a quantity field where you can enter in the number … read more