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Disposable Headphone, Headset & Microphone Cover Details

Posted by Barry Leeper on 1st Nov 2020

Sharing of Headphones and Headsets Created a Need for Disposable CoversWhen we developed the first MRI Patient Stereo Sound Systems, the only headphones we offered resembled a stethoscope and they had little foam eartips that could be removed and replaced to provide a hygienic way for users to share the same MRI headphones. Later on, we introduced an earmuff style headphone which was very similar to the image shown below, We realized that new headphones were going to be repetitively used for MRI patients, and we would need some type of hygienic cover to protect each of the patients from having their skin come into direct contact with the earmuff style headphone earpieces. We later began to look for ways to provide some kind of protective covers for the these new earmuff style hea … read more