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Safely Share Headphones by using Disposable Covers

Posted by Barry Leeper on 19th Jul 2020

Sanitary Disposable Covers for Headphones and Headsets Safely Share Headphones and Headsets Among Many Different Users Sanitary covers are available for headphones and headsets which stretch around the headphone earpiece to shield the person wearing the headphones from coming in contact with the foam cushion portion of the headset or headphone. The stretchable covers are made from non-woven synthetic spun-bond polypropylene, which is the same material used to make wet wipes. The material allows audio to easily pass through while providing a barrier to moisture to shield users from the germs and bacterial of other headphone and headset users. They have been frequently ordered by institutions that are actively working to maintain the cleanliness of their headsets and to contain the sprea … read more