Replacement Earpads for Logitech Notebook Headset

Earpads and Cushions for the Logitech Premium Notebook Headset

If you have the Logitech A-0445A or H555 Premium Notebook Headsets, you can choose between our 50mm FOAM ear pads or 50mm LEATHERETTE cushions for your headset

  • You can install either the 50mm size FOAM or LEATHERETTE cushions onto the Logitech A-0445A and H555 Headsets
  • The 60mm size Leatherette earpads (Part No. LEC62) will fit onto the Logitech Model H330 USB Headset
  • Share your Logitech Headset Sizing and We will add those headsets to our Headset and Replacement Cushion Database

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