Gooseneck Microphone for MRI Patient Stereo Sound Systems

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Gooseneck Microphone for MRI Patient Stereo Sound Systems • Part Number DDU250

  • This microphone is used by the Scan Sound MRI stereo sound systems and enables the technologist to talk with patients who are lying inside the MRI scanner while they are wearing the headphones connected to the Scan Sound MRI patient stereo sound systems.
  • This microphone is normally included with the MRI patient stereo sound system kits that are sold by Scan Sound, Inc. and may be purchased separately as a replacement part.
  • This gooseneck microphone is wired with a 10-foot audio cord that has a ¼ inch monaural microphone plug that is inserted into the Scan Sound stereo amplifier. This microphone will replace the older style Bogen desktop microphones that do not have a flexible gooseneck shaft.

Desktop Pushbutton Microphone • Part No.: DDU250

  • This desktop microphone features a 10-foot cord and it has been outfitted with a ¼-inch mono audio plug to make it fully compatible with the Scan Sound MRI patient stereo sound systems.
  • The microphone plugs into the mike jack on the Scan Sound MRI stereo amplifiers.
  • This microphone features a heavy die cast stand that keeps the microphone upright on the desktop. The microphone sits atop a flexible shaft that is 16-inches long and the shaft can be flexed and bent so the microphone is positioned for the technologist to easily speak with the patients inside of the MRI scanner.
  • The microphone is designed to have a very short pick-up range so that it does not pick-up conversations around the room when the technologist is speaking directly into the microphone.
  • The MRI technologist will usually sit or stand nearby the MRI system console and they can talk to the patients inside the MRI scanner through the microphone.
  • The microphone features a 16" long, fully flexible gooseneck shaft that is mounted to a heavy zinc die cast base that is typically placed on the MRI console nearby the technologist.

The microphone is designed with a uni-directional pickup pattern, and features a cord that is 10-foot in length. The microphone base has a push-to-talk button that allows the technologist to momentarily activate the audio and talk to the MRI patients who are wearing the MRI sound system headphones. The microphone push-button switch features a momentary and continuous "hold" button. The continuous hold will enable the technologist to keep the microphone active for longer periods if so desired when talking to the patients inside the MRI scanner. The gooseneck shaft permits the user to adjust the microphone’s angle and height to suit the user’s needs.

MRI Patient Stereo
Country of Manufacture
United States
Push-Button Switch
Plug Type
1/4-inch Male Phono Plug
Power Requirements
MRI Stereo Part

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