Disposable Med Microphone covers, Bag of 100

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Disposable Med Microphone covers, Bag of 100 • Part No. MEDMICCVR

  • These are slightly larger in size than our LGMICCVR microphone covers and will substitute for them
  • Fits microphones up to 1 7/16 inches (37mm) in diameter
  • Includes bag of 100 disposable headset style microphone covers with 100 rubber bands to secure the cover in place
  • The MEDMICCVR Microphone Covers will fit onto most pilot headphones and the rubber bands will secure them in place
  • Many customers also order the LARGE HEADPHONE COVERS for their Headset Earpieces and Headbands
  • All covers are hand-sewn, and come folded flat in a re-sealable plastic bag that contains 100 covers and rubber bands
  • Helps to prevent moisture laden sneezes, coughs and spittle carrying potential viruses from landing on the microphone surfaces
  • Each bag is priced at $21.95

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Disposable Med Microphone covers, Bag of 100 • Part No. MEDMICCVR

  • Sanitary microphone covers easily fit onto headset microphones, and slip right over the foam windscreens up to 1 7/16 inches (37mm) in diameter
  • Includes 100 individual microphone covers and 100 1-inch size rubber bands, to help secure the cover in place
  • Following their removal, users touching the disposable covers should thoroughly wash their hands according to the CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the flu and the Covid-19 novel Coronavirus
  • Enables headset users to put on a fresh new set of medical grade disposable covers before using a shared headset
  • Many airline companies purchase our microphone covers to help protect workers using shared headsets on an ongoing basis
  • The covers are intended to limit the spray of airborne droplets and particles that might carry the common cold, influenza or Covid-19 Coronavirus from settling on a microphone that is shared by many different users
  • Our headset covers provide an extra layer of safety, by keeping the microphones clean and hygienic
  • The microphone and earpiece covers should be in use on all shared call center headsets to limit the potential spread of germs and bacteria
  • Our disposable microphone covers help to shield microphone users from sharing germs left in place by a previous user
  • The covers come in sealed bags with 100 microphone covers in each bag
  • Covers are made from spunbond polypropelyne - this is the same material used to make wet wipes, face masks and surgical garb
  • Length 50.8 mm (2-inches),   Diameter 37 mm (1 7/16-inch) fits easily over larger size headset microphones
  • We recommend Whoosh Duo 3.4 oz Cleaner and Whoosh 1 oz Cleaner with antimicrobial cloths as effective cleaners for headsets
Country of Manufacture
Non Woven Polypropylene
100 per bag
100 Pieces per Bag

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