50mm Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2

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50mm Leatherette Headphone Earcushions, Bag of 2 • Part No.: HIL53

It is very easy to determine your headphone diameter (works for oblong and circular earpieces)

  • Remove the existing cushion from your headphone to view the earpiece
  • Cut a thin strip of paper and wrap it around the earpiece, marking the earpiece circumference
  • Set the paper down next to a ruler or tape measure and determine the length that you measured
  • Divide that length (the circumference) by 3.14 and the resulting calculation is the earpiece diameter
  • These 50mm cushions fit headsets with a diameter in this range:
     - Metric Diameter range between 39mm and 48mm
    - Inch Diameter range between 1.54 inches and 1.89 inches
    - Fractional Diameter range between 1 9/16 to 1 7/8 inches
  • These leather-like cushions can be easily replaced on your old headphones, to make them like new again
  • Sold with 2 Leatherette ear-cushions per bag
  • SAVE MONEY AND BUY 2 PAIRs - The price drops down to $7.25 per pair

Side View of Standard Headphone Earpiece

50mm Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions, Bag of 2 • Part No.: HIL53

Each bag contains 2 black Leatherette headset ear cushions to easily replace the earpads on your headsets and headphones

  • Check the size of your headphone earpiece
  • Carefully remove the degraded leatherette (or foam) cushion to expose the earpiece so you can make an accurate measurement of the earpiece circumference
  • You can use a thin strip of paper (or even a piece of dental floss) to wrap around the earpiece so you can determine the circumference (distance around the earpiece)
  • Divide the circumference by 3.14 and the resulting calculation is the diameter of your earpiece. This works for oval and circular shaped earpieces.
  • Compare your measurement in inches or millimeters to see if it fits within the range of these 50mm leatherette cushions (between 1 9/16 to 1 7/8 inches or between 39mm and 48 mm)

The 50mm size Leatherette ear cushions are circular, but they can be stretched to fit an oval -shaped earpiece

  • Most headphones and call center headsets that rest against the ear typically have an earpiece that is about 50mm in diameter, but it is best to remove the earpiece from your headphone to accurately measure the diameter of the earpiece so that you ultimately will order the correct size
  • Most headphone earpads are easily removed, allowing the new ones to stretch around earpiece
  • The material on the back of the cushion stretches, so don't focus on the elastic hole size because that will fit into a slit or groove or wrap around the back side of the earpice and conform easily to your earpiece
  • These leather style cushions enable headphones to be refreshed to "Like New" condition
  • If you currently have a foam cushion, you might upgrade your headphones by putting a softer and thicker leatherette earpad cushion in its place
  • Each bag of the HIL53 contains 2 each of the 50mm diameter ear cushions
  • These Earpads Will Fit the Scan Sound F-103, F-103A, H-30, AH816, M-103 and M-103A Headphones
  • Compatible with many headsets by Sony, Plantronics, Logitech, Jabra, and more.
  • Please verify which size you need by measuring the earpiece first before placing your order
  • Our black leatherette earcushion material is more durable than the ones that come on most headsets
  • Letherette earpards help to cushion the headphone earpieces, making them comfortable to wear
  • All earpads are stocked in large quantities for training, schools, call centers, hospitals, clinics & libraries
  • Make sure these earpads will fit your headphones before you order

Product Composition

The leatherette headphone cushions are made out of PVC material that is synthetically made to look like a breathable leather. A polyurethane coating helps to maintain a soft outer finish that is quite flexible. These simulated leather headset cushions are slightly higher in quality (and made to last longer) than the original cushions on most older headphones. The simulated leather material is hypoallergenic and completely latex free. No heavy metals are used in the production of the headphone cushions and they are RoHS compliant. Following their manufacture, these headphone cushions are grouped in pairs and they are sold in a zippered styled plastic bag.

2 Ear Cushions
Earpiece Size Inches
1 9/16 to 1 7/8 inches
Earpiece Size mm
39 to 48mm
Reclosable bag
circular or oval
  • Kayli

    19th Oct 2020

    leather like headset cushions for logitech premium notebook headset, m/n A-0445A

    l learned a ton from your neat article on the replacement cushions for the logitech premium notebook headset at http://www.scansound.com/replace-earpads.htm. They were real easy to put on and the fit is super. Thanks.

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