40mm Foam Earpads, Bag of 200

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40mm Foam Earpads, Quantity of 200 • Part No: E-20

Measure the earpiece size from edge to edge to determine the fit for your headphone or headset

  • The Foam Earpads are 40mm from edge-to-edge and they will stretch onto an earpiece that ranges in size between 24 to 35mm in diameter
  • That is the same as between 1516 and 1 38 inches in diameter
  • The decimal equivalent would be between .945 and 1.38 inches in diameter

40mm Foam Earpads, 200 Earpads • Part No: E-20

  • Sold in 2 sealed bags with 100 pieces per bag, totaling 200 pieces in all
  • Part number E-20 is the equivalent of 100 Pairs of the 40mm size Foam Earpads
  • By changing the earpads, you can enable multiple headphone users to share the headsets without sharing germs, viruses, head-lice and bacteria
  • Keep your headphones and headsets fresh and like new with our replacement foam earpads and sponge foam pad covers
  • You can recycle large numbers of headphones by replacing the earpads so that all the users can all cleanly use and share the same headphones
  • These black foam sponge cushions are made of open cell foam that are sized to fit headphones and headsets with an earpiece that is about 1 1/4 inches in diameter, about the size of a US half-dollar coin
  • The thick foam earpads help to cushion the headphones against the ear, improving headphone comfort
  • Most call-center headsets will accept the 40mm, 50mm or 60mm size earpads or cushions so it is best to measure the earpiece prior to ordering, so you know that you obtain the correct size earpads

You can Maintain Effective Hygiene Between Headphone Users by Replacing the Earpads

  • Refresh headphones they can be shared while remaining clean, hygienic and safe
  • Replacing the earpads helps to prevent users from sharing head lice, bacteria, influenza, hepatitis, MRSA and viruses such as the common cold and Covid-19
  • Fresh Earpads will limit users from sharing hair, body fluids and skin cells that find their way into the foam earpad material
  • Many call centers, schools and corporations provide replacement earpads to reduce absenteeism due to influenza and the common cold
  • Maintain good health and hygiene through the use of clean fresh foam earpad cushions

Three Methods to Determine the Diameter of your Earpiece (after you remove the earpad)

  1. Circular Earpieces: You can measure the distance going across the earpiece from edge to edge = Diameter
  2. Oval Earpieces: [Measurement Across Earpiece + Measurement from top-to-bottom of Earpiece] ÷ 2 = Diameter
  3. Measure Circumference: Use a string, dental floss or thin strip of paper to measure the distance around the outer edge of the earpiece to get the circumference. Divide the circumference value by 3.14 = Diameter


  • Lets say your oval earpiece circumference measures 4 5/16 inches long: in decimal format that is 4.3125
    So we use this formula: 4.3125 ÷ 3.14 = 1.374 inches
  • If the earpiece diameter is 1.374 inches, you can see that our 40mm foam earpads will fit because 1.374 is between 0.945 and 1.38 inches in diameter
  • This same method works for metric measurements: If the circumference is 109mm
    We divide 109 by 3.14 and that equals 34.7mm. 34.7 is between the range of 24 and 35mm so our 40mm earpad will fit
  • The 40mm foam earpads will fit an earpiece between 5/16 and 1 3/8 inches (between 0.945 in. and 1.38 inches) or (between 24 and 35mm) in size

Product Composition

The foam headphone cushions are made out of a polyurethane open-cell foam material that is flexible and will stretch around circular and oval shaped earpieces. The foam material that we use is high-quality foam that is made to last longer than the foam earpads that originally came with most headphones and headsets. These hypoallergenic foam earpads are latex-free and come packaged in a clear plastic bag. No heavy metals were used in the production of our foam ear pads; therefore they are RoHS compliant.

Headphones that Rest Against the Ear
Total Quantity
200 Foam Earpads
Earpiece Size Inches
15/16 to 1 3/8 inches
Earpiece Size Inches (decimal)
0.945 to 1.38 inches
Earpiece Size Metric
24mm to 35mm
Open Cell Foam
2 Bags of 100 Foam Earpads
circular or oval
  • Mike

    19th Oct 2020

    Excellent product

    These worked out great as replacement earpads for Motorola walkie lightweight headsets!

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