17mm Earbud-Sized Foam Earpads, Bag of 20

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17mm earbud-sized foam earpads, bag of 20 • Part No. D-10-20

  • These foam earpad cushions wrap around the outside of edges of earbud style earphones
  • Fits Earbuds that have a round earpiece that is approximately the size of a dime coin
  • You can easily remove the sponge cushions on your earbuds and replace them with new ones
  • Sold in plastic bags that can be re-sealed, with 20 foam earpads per bag
  • The soft foam material helps to hold the earpiece in place
  • The foam around the earphone also helps to maximize the sound transfer, resulting in deeper bass sound and improved sound quality
  • You can replace the foam earpads as needed to recycle the earphones
  • Replace old foam pads or missing cushions from your earbuds
  • Helps the earbuds to osolate outside noise and keep the earbud from falling out of your ear
  • The replacement foam will isolate individual users from germs of others who have worn the same earphone
  • We also offer headphone foam earpads and headphone covers

Foam Earpad Cushions Cover Many Earphones that Have a Curved Flat Face, such as the earphones that came with the original Apple iPod®, iPad® and iPhone®. This style earphone came with foam sponge earpads that could be easily removed and replaced with a fresh earpad. The Earpads may be easily stretched over the Earpiece to Put on a Replacement.

  • Earpads Renew the Earphone
  • Foam Earpads Improve the Sound 
  • Fresh Foam Earpad Blocks Outside Noise 
  • Sponge Cushion Material Make the Earphones More Comfortable to Wear
  • Replacement Foam Earpads Enable Earphones to Be Hygienically Shared 

These are the standard size foam earpads for most Earbud Earphones which have a 17 millimeter diameter earpiece, the most common size. The Earpads easily fit onto a dime coin.  

  • Earpads are Easily Removed
  • New Earpads will to Replace Old, Worn Sponge Cushion Material from Your Earphones
  • Replace Missing Foam by Easily Stretching the New Cushions Around the Earbud Earpiece
  • Enables Earbud Style Headphones to be Hygienically Shared Between Multiple Users 
  • Sold in Plastic Bags with 20 Per Bag Fits (also available in 100 per bag quantities)
  • Fits the Earphones that come with most Popular MP-3 Player, Including the Apple® iPod® Earbuds
  • The Sponge Foam Material is Black in Color
  • Great for a Large Number of Earbud Users Who Share The Earphones but Don't Want to Share their Germs
  • Foam Earpads  Enable Earbud Style Headphones to be Shared and Used Frequently 

The foam earpads help to cushion the earphones, making them much more comfortable to wear.  The foam cushion material fits around the outside of most earbud style earbud style headphones and earphones.  The foam earpads also help to position the earbuds, improve the sound and hold the earbuds in the ear much better. Easily Removed and Replaced As Shown in the iPad™ Installation Instructions (below). 

Cover Quantity
20 earpads
Fits Earbuds Sized
Coin Size 17mm

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