Single-Sided 1-BUD Headphone

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Single-Ear 1-BUD® Headphone • Part No. EAR-1

  • The EAR-1 Headphone is designed to for use with any stereo or mono audio equipment
  • The EAR-1 earpiece uses Scan Sound's patented 1-BUD® technology to mix both audio channels into one earpiece
  • This headphone can be universally worn on either ear and the earpiece rests against the ear
  • When plugged into a stereo jack it will mix the left and right sound channels together so you'll never miss any of the stereo music
  • This DJ-style headphone is completely unique because it will electronically mix the Left and Right sterep audio channels without the need for any special adapters
  • You can plug it into any stereo jack of a computer, MP3 player, stereo system, television, laptop, tablet or radio and you will be able to hear all the audio in the single earpiece

Single-sided 1-BUD headphone - Model EAR-1

FAQ 1: Can the headphone be used as a "Monitor" when I am composing music or performing?

Answer: Yes, you can plug it into the 3.5mm audio jack and it will allow you to monitor your music in the earpiece.

FAQ 2: Can I easily adjust the audio level in my ear?

Answer: Yes, there is an inline volume control that is built conveniently into the cord, so you can quickly and easily adjust the sound level by rotating the volume control.

FAQ 3: If there is only one earpiece, how is the headband held in place?

Answer: Instead of having a second earpiece, there is a pad that rests against your head above the ear and you can easily adjust the tension to hold the headphone in place by changing the earpiece (and pad) length in and out of the headband.

FAQ 4: What is the cord length and is it adjustable?

Answer: The headphone comes with a 6-foot cord and if you need one that is actually longer in length, we have many different lengths of audio extension cables from 4-inches to 25 inches in length and...  they are very reasonably priced

FAQ 5: Are these headphones available in any stores?

Answer: The EAR-1 headphones are exclusively available from Scan Sound, and we keep a large amound in stock at our fulfillment center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Most items usually ship within one or two days.

  • The EAR-1 Single-Ear headphone utilizes our own patented 1-BUD® technology to electronically mix the audio so you will hear all the stereo sound from both channels in only one earpiece
  • If you take a look around on the Internet doing searches, you will find that there just arent any other companies offering this type of headphone because it is our own design and we have them immediately available from our company right here in the United States of America
  • We designed this headphone for individuals who have a hearing loss in one ear so they could able hear all the sound from multiplexed stereo in one good ear, and then we discovered that it was selling to a record number of videographers, musicians and recording studios
  • They are well made and are made with a commercial grade cord that is rugged and will remain flexible
  • This DJ-Style headphone is comfortable to wear and adjusts to any head size
  • This single-ear headphone is frequently purchased by those in the professional audio and video production business
  • The leatherette earpiece cushion cups around the ear and has a really nice soft textured earpiece
  • Instead of having an oposing earpiece, there is a cushioned support that rests above the ear to support the headphone
  • The inline volume control can attenuate the sound if you need to quickly adjust the audio level
  • The primary feature was designed to enable individuals to hear both channels in one earpiece
  • The headphone can be beneficial for those who are studying, listening to music or working on the job and need to keep an ear open to others nearby
  • The design allows the headphone to be turned around and worn on either the left or right ear very comfortably
  • Open back style of the headphone produces high quality sound and as a result of the open back, when the audio is turned up very loud, others nearby will hear some of the audio

The headband is adjustable to fit children and adult size heads by shortening and lengthing the headband length. Pull out the headband end and adjust the length. Lengthening the headband will adjust the tension for a relaxed fit that holds the headphone in place. It's easy to shorten the headband to also fit children.

This particular headphone makes a really nice gift for holidays and special occasions.

Cable Length
6 feet
Mono and Stereo
Driver Size
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
48 Ohms
Plug Type
Nickel-plated 3.5mm 3-Conductor Male Plug
Plug Style
  • Bec

    19th Oct 2020

    Almost Perfect

    I absolutely love this product. I went suddenly deaf in my left ear a couple of years ago - not great, especially for a music fan. I'd tried various 'fixes' but nothing seemed satisfactory, until I discovered this particular earphone. If you're deaf in one ear, this may change your life as it did mine. I've never had something so small make me do disproportionately happy. Thank you for being there ScanSound

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